Saturday, August 25, 2018

An ode to the good night

The night gave me his shirt
And solace and comfort
I could stare at his face
All night long
And expose my secrets how

He gifted me solace
From mundane encumbrances
For most part exacerbated by
That cantankerous bitch known as day.

Her piercing eyes
Questioning everything
Intent on making me sweat
You cannot excise the truth mom
Just ask nicely maybe?

Why do you like him more you ask
I can walk his streets
Dark it maybe
Safe to brandish out my scattered self  
And lick the ice cream off my hand

Streets sparse with kindred spirits
Silent whispers
Ready to let me in
On their simmering secrets

Once the sunlight sets in
The clocks get reset
The same souls turn back into harsh humans &
Atone for yesterday’s falter

With my back broken
I limp through the day
And surrender to my dear father
He puts on his twinkling smile
Reserved only for these special nights
And snuggles his daughter
The travails of the day seem far away
If only for these few hours.

"in the street of the sky night walks scattering poems" took this Toad's prompt to heart and the results are for yours to see. 


  1. The travails of the day seem far away
    If only for these few hours.

    There is always some form of comfort as a finality. Life somehow finds a balance!


  2. OH please be kinder to Day. Its is she who gives way to Night.

    Happy Sunday


  3. I couldn't help but smile as I came across the description of day as a cantankerous bitch. Night person, are you? :)

  4. Ah, that cantankerous bitch called day made me chuckle and nod an empathetic acknowledgement.
    Those closing lines are indeed comforting, as mentioned earlier.

  5. I relate to those streets sparse with kindred spirits. Was heartened by the father's comforting presence at day's end.

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous!❤️ Especially love; "I can walk his streets dark it maybe safe to brandish out my scattered self and lick the ice cream off my hand"... Thank you so much for writing to the prompt.❤️

  7. I enjoyed your original personification of night, and day as a cantankerous bitch! I especially like the lines:
    'Her piercing eyes
    Questioning everything
    Intent on making me sweat'.

  8. Night sounds like a best friend. I love this.

  9. I very much enjoyed this, and like what you did with the prompt. But I am having trouble reading your poems. The blog heading obscures them, covering most of the poem as I scroll, so I can read line by line but cannot see the poem as a whole. I wonder if others are having this experience too, or if it's some glitch on my computer.


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