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Hi guys! I am finally done with my five year law course. While academically it is a big relief , personally it is taking time to readjust from one home to another. So I start this new innings with a supposed to be simple poem about the same. More inventive stuff for later.

What is the word Bittersweet supposed to even mean?
When you like Bitter more than sweet
I ain’t no Ayn Rand but
I do know when things get out of hand.

The streets of joyous past invite me in my sleep
It is all too real now
Once it isn’t tangible anymore.
I run and run inevitably into the white light
Only to wake up sweating underneath the not so noisy fan

All the pent up teardrops
Have made me moist from inside.
Even removing the corn from my foot
Feels like saying bye to an old friend.

It isn’t all doom and gloom
There is hope in the horizons still
Life just got a whole lot more interesting
I could be anything I want
Yet I can’t
It is the whole balancing act
That adulting is all about
I feel like Peter Parker with his superpowers
Fighting the infinity war
Hope I don’t disintegrate into thin air!

The new has become old and the old new
There is no such thing as status quo
Just a new list of never ending woes.
I twirl my hair more
To tangle it like my feels
And make decisions myself
Without sharing it immediately to my friends..
Feels wrong yet right?
An Exciting time to be alive!

Am I right?!

( I have used more rhyming words to incorporate my pre college style and ?! to show my state of mind. This is Part 1 Of my poem series on Adulting)


  1. Having completed law school myself many years ago, I can totally relate to all of your feelings in this transition phase. Congratulations on your accomplishment and you will settle in to your new life perfectly! And then new transitions will come along just as you become comfortable once again. Because this is life. And we are survivors! Beautiful words. Great post!


    1. Thank you so much! Good to hear advice from a seasoned survivor,

  2. Congratulations and I hope we see more of your poetry here.

  3. Transitions of life can be tiring yet so exciting. Nicely penned !

  4. I do remember that first passage... and the second and third... I wonder if I ever want to grow up...

  5. It is an exciting time, with everything stretching before you. I am glad you have time for poetry, too.

  6. Congratulations! That is awesome.

  7. Congratulations and it will take time adjusting but in the meanwhile there's poetry

    Happy Sunday


  8. The new has become old and the old new
    There is no such thing as status quo
    Just a new list of never ending woes.

    Very true! Good observation Samyuktha!


  9. This seems to me to express well the fluctuating moods of a transition.

  10. Spoiler alert!! :)
    Congratulations to you. Now you're a baby lawyer! I hope you never stop writing poems.

    1. I love the term baby lawyer! :D Thank you so much :)

  11. Have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  12. congratulations... and a well versed poem keep that feeling...

  13. I love the way you caught the trepidation of a way of life ending and the tentative excited hope for what's about to start, to change

    (thanks for visiting my sis LuckyHiro's poem on Wilds of Idaho)


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