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Carpe the frikking diem

Seize the day Every second , every minute Do not let the drowsiness drown you , Let that moment ebb away Before long you will be viewing it from Mount Nostalgia Where powerful telescopic lenses Painfully scrutinise every moment you wasted Till you had no more With the ones you love. Things you took for granted Will be pulled away without ceremony You will be lying on the carpet Rubbing your head Wondering about gravity The day your sun burns no more Sounds like an improbability Beyond your levels of comprehension But it was always right around the corner my friend You’re just driving for the first time Listen to this burned freak and just Seize the day.


Taking a raincheck on one’s feelings Is a recipe for disaster Trying to be strong for both of us Has only made me weaker
World’s greatest armor Is being in disguise Only when the chinks start to show You will know that there is nothing brave inside
So why don’t you pull that veil Make me scream Say those words and Save me too?