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Pitch dark

A shadow has crept over my soul
Inching through my defences
Making me darkness herself
I wallow in grief over things lost
In the invisible bonfire
And try to survive on the warmth of embraces
Of kindred spirits
Only that it feels like a stranglehold
And I push them away with a
Weaponized tongue and my newfound strangeness
Friends and foes are all the same
Only difference is the name.
I burn through whatever light I get
Worried I might never see again
In haste I commit little crimes

And wallow once more again. 


  1. A desperate time we spend in shadow, grasping for light. Worry seems only another fuel to the fire that creates such darkness. Your poem captures that duration before we can move.

  2. I resonate with the pushing away of embraces when one is grieving and tends towards solitude. Especially empathize with the line "I wallow in grief at things lost". The human condition.

  3. I can feel the fear and darkness here and yet an indefatigable spirit

    1. Thank you. Feels great coming from my favorite poet :)

  4. We are inundated with shadows. News feeds on darkness and we need to search every corner we can for light. May we grieve and build a better life for those we touch.

  5. A raw look at human grief. Very nicely written! You captured feelings we all experience.

  6. Friends and foes are all the same
    Only difference is the name.

    You got it right! It is a question of what nice things come from them. The nicer ones are from friends!


    1. Glad to know someone liked this line :P I was worried it sounds too lame

  7. Such a raw and honest poem this is, Samyukhta!

  8. Not for the light hearted. It's so intense!! Well written 🤗

  9. I've felt this way before. You describe it well.

  10. You've brilliantly captured grief, how one tends to push others away and prefers to wallow in shadows. Bless the kindred spirits, who continue to embrace!

  11. I have been in this darkness and hope not to endure it again!

  12. Your words are grief itself - raw and painful. And for some time (in grief), it seems like there will never be light again...
    Thank you for sharing.
    Anna :o]

    1. Yes. But glad to inform you that now I'm currently revelling in light

  13. When shadows creep over the soul, there is usually a way to find enough light to cause the shadows to recede. Usually...

    1. Ah the eternal search for life is what keeps us human

  14. I can feel the grappling in the darkness in your words. It is difficult to handle these emotions. All the very best to you.


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