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Sense of an Ending

Once I was the new girl
quietly inhabiting my corner 
Inhibitions galore 
Tongues tied with awkwardness 
wrapping me up, producing no comfort. 

It took a fair amount of time,
some nice humans and 
a good deal of ass kicking and coffee smelling 
to be me in front of them. 
Then school got over and college got me
starting all over again. 

College took a fair bit longer 
with relocation , Hindi and whatnot
I had resigned myself to my fate 
of becoming the crazy cat lady or
the pigeon lady from Home alone. 

All it took was one kind human 
to introduce me to her friends 
With them I could finally 
Stand in the sun. 
A big family of friends we became 
a noisy bunch , food bonded us 
to extraordinary measures

We ate more than we spoke
maybe the only reason restaurants
didn't kick us out! 

We handled failures and successes 
makeovers and breakdowns 
with much elan 
and stuck with each other through it all. 
Intimidating other individuals with our 
sheer numbers
we had a ball! 

Now the days are vanishing rapidly 
and the sun might set on us after all. 
The time to restart is looming around the corner 
I  wish this time that 
I can put them in my pockets 
and carry them wherever I want! 


  1. There are few things so nourishing as a circle of good women friends!

  2. Your poem speaks strongly of the value of friendship! May you find friends wherever you travel in life!

  3. Yes, Samyuktha well told and with some humility too... Your journey rang very true for me and I will be back to read some more.

    1. That meant a lot Scott. Humility is not something I'm known for

  4. It is wonderful when one finds one's tribe. Friendships that last forever. We do carry them with us, in the corners of our hearts. With some of those old friends, months can go by, then you pick up the phone and the conversation picks up where it left off..........I thought of that as I was reading your poem. I had such a phone call just last night. Smiles.

    1. That's great Sherry! :) Carrying one's tribe in the corner of one's heart. That rings so true to me. More spacious than pockets. Maybe I should tweak my poem with this phrase :D

  5. Life consists of so many restarts... sometimes you don't want a fresh start. But it will all be for the best, just like every time

  6. Oh my! That was an outstanding piece of work, in my opinion.

  7. In a sense, you can carry them with you. I used to leave my friends behind in a sense, when I was younger and moved on. At this stage of life, I have learned to hold them close...even when they are far away and our paths have diverged. Wonderful poem.

    1. And that is what I'm striving to learn this time around..

  8. Friendship is a blessing... beautiful poem!! I can relate to that introvert part so well!!

  9. Good friends in our pockets - excellent thought. I have two very old friends from school - we've known each other for fifty years - and whenever we get together it's as if no time has gone by, even though we live in different parts of the country - and at times different parts of the world - we still laugh at each others' stories and like similar things.

    1. Now that's a comment i would want to drop in some one's blog in around 40 years :) Thank you and it is really good to know that they last for so long!

  10. Food, does that you know binds and encourages
    Nice poem


    much love...

    From Dec 25 2017 to Jan 6th 2018. Lunch Break will be hosting its TENTH YEAR of The Twelve Days of Christmas you are invited

    1. Thank you gillena :) and sorry for the Uber late reply

  11. That is beautifully written. Good friends are so precious, maybe the most precious thing in life at all

    1. Truly :) especially I'm going through a bad time health wise and they're really stepping up :D

  12. Life is a continuous struggle of holding onto our true selves .. :) of making mistakes and learning from them. Beautifully penned.

  13. I wish this time that
    I can put them in my pockets
    and carry them wherever I want!

    Experience can make things easier and one should pull through. History repeats itself so it is said! Wonderful write Samyuktha!



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