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Alphabet Song

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We’re all at the Anonymous Café
Basking in each other’s misery
Cotton over our bleeding hearts
Defying Death and all her friends
Ever ready to give it another go
Fossiled memories motivating rather than defeating

Grape sized heart can carry
Such humongous weight
Ignominious defeats
Justifying its strength
Kudos to us all for still trying hard.

Lavish meals and meringue pies
Can only take you so far
Novice Romantics chuckle at us silently
Our orchestra of sadness drown them quiet easily.

Be proud of all the battle scars
Queer we are not for choosing this
Rocky path
Songs getting written by of us at this very moment
Taste of victory after testing times is the best after all.


So the Toads had an interesting prompt where you take a letter-word and run with it. I ran with the letters from A-T then ignored UVWXYZ because I already made my point. 


  1. What a trip through the alphabet. That is really cool
    Seems like the Anonymous Café is getting more and more guests. In a way we have unlearnt to really connect with each other

    1. Hi - I am having trouble commenting so have just jumped on to someone else's comment as a reply. A very fun poem, and clever meander! I especially like the idea of lavish meals and meringue pies only taking you so far--there is something a bit flimsy about meringue, agreed, but it feels very inviting here! Thanks much, k.

    2. A big thank you to both. Sorry for the terribly late reply :)

  2. Right, indeed--sweetness is lovely to delight in, but in the end... we need substance.

  3. This is wonderful to read, you clever person. I especially love and agree with us deserving kudos for continuing to try so hard. Loved this.

  4. I especially love the first two lines.

  5. Victory tastes better when it is hard won

  6. Kudos indeed. A lovely clever write.
    Anna :o]

  7. Indeed, it takes courage to face hardship :) Loved your response to the prompt.

  8. Right. And what a clever way of arriving there.

  9. we should give ourselves a pat on the back sometimes


    much love...

    1. Looks like in search for self love I found many friends :D

  10. Excellent! I love your using the alphabet to create this wise and wonderful poem.

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  12. What a clever way to approach Karin's challenge! Kudos.

  13. From A-Z how great... love such a place.

  14. Hi! Very interesting post. Nice word technique!


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