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Unbroken Again

So post number #175 it is  

Unbroken Again

A cracked glass can’t be stuck again
That grandma of a person croaked.
We are in the age of Fevikwik and ready smiles.

So what if it is a plastered one
For the cameras?
They are better than fake candids atleast

The other day I realized
That my heart  got unbroken
I could feel only the feeling
That I couldn’t feel anything
And a twinge of sadness
 That I’m not a wailing idiot
His star crossed lover.

My smile used to be a band aid over a bullet hole
Now the hole is no more
And my smile is whole again
But then

Why do I still mourn the hole? 


  1. had to look up 'Fevikwik '. I think a plastered smile can grown on the wearer. that's why the hole is no more and the smile remains

    Happy Sunday. Keep Smiling

    much love...

  2. Can we fall in love with pain? ... really love that last line.

  3. I had to look up "Fevikwik" too, (it was worth it)
    "Why do I still mourn the hole? "
    Ya! Why do we do that? This was done very well, if that's such a term.
    : )

  4. Mourn the hole no more! It is simply a mark of the journey toward strength. Beautifully written!

  5. It is always a good thing when the heart gets unbroken. The hole means there is still an absence, but perhaps the narrator has learned to live with it.

    1. The hole gets filled but the place lives in memory i guess

  6. Sometimes as we take time to heal we become accustomed to the pain...missing its place in our lives...I love the healing and the moving forward from it although scary....perhaps that is why we miss the hole.


  7. This is so incredibly raw and poignant... sigh.. 💘

  8. It is good when our heart repairs itself, but yes, still the loss remains.
    Anna :o]

  9. Yes. Oh, it was a rhetorical poetic question, huh? Still, I think we can and should mourn the hole... maybe not the oozing wound, but the fact that we survived it and continue to grin like life-addicted maniacs. I'm quite certain that's a superpower.

    Love the progression of your poem. And the end is... fantastic!

  10. I had surgery several years ago. Instead of staples and stitches, the surgeon used a surgical adhesive. Healed beautifully more than the old fashioned way. I healed but for awhile I mourned the empty space within. But that is all over now. Perhaps the narrator will come to not mourn that absence as well.

    1. It heals too well nowadays. Thanks for sharing that with us

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  12. My smile used to be a band aid over a bullet hole... Wow, that is a powerful line

  13. My smile used to be a band aid over a bullet hole
    Now the hole is no more
    And my smile is whole again
    But then. Why do I still mourn the hole?

    Sometimes emotions may sustain itself despite having the problems already resolved. Human nature can be overly sympathetic and this can be a positive element!


    1. It can be and it can be not also I guess. Thank you :)


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