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Melancholy strings madly strumming like a guitar
Carnivorous id ravishing my morality from deep within
Inverted sleep cycles make me question reality
A madwoman NOT at work
I play a multi note orchestra  
To the current people of my life

Friends and family run fast
Away or Towards
I’m not sure.

 I have sat in silence too long
To continue the arrangement
Where I move my mouth
And you sing my song.

I will sing till
my larynx tears
Your eardrum.
The blood that will fall
Is a pittance compared to the pain
You so casually caused

So listen to me
Sing my glorious solo  
With my mistakes and all
And this time

Judge me
for who I really am. 


  1. OHHHHHHHHHH what a fantastic sentence is: " I have sat in silence too long / To continue the arrangement / Where I move my mouth
    / And you sing my song." Love that coming into one's own, where we embrace it all, and sing our song.

  2. "Judge me for who I really am" :') Reading this I could feel something grating inside me, like maybe I should start singing my solo too. Thank you.

  3. Oh! yes, we all need to be what we are and let the world think what it wants to.

  4. This poem seems so apt in a year where artists around the year have literally come under fire, attacked by mad men without any concept for the sanctity of art.

  5. This is lovely!❤️ I really loved "I have sat in silence too long
    to continue the arrangement where I move my mouth and you sing my song."❤️

  6. Like the fire and protest... sing your own song..let it be heard!

  7. I think we all need our voice... never sing another's tune unless you want to join a choir

  8. Your last sentence made me squeal a sudden, "Yes!" The rest of your poem inspires me to join the speaker in song.

  9. "I move my mouth and you sing my song" ... NEVER let it happen! Sing your solo! Great write.

  10. Great images here. The defiant tone propels this nicely.

  11. I'm with Sherry. The third stanza packs a a personal declaration of independence.

  12. Having always been a soloist in the world, I can identify with this poem so much. I feel pity for those who say "I shave sat in silence too long" but feel affirmation for those who also add "Judge me for who I really am".

    1. Some are born soloists others need some stifling to make it come out :)

  13. There can be nothing worse than being crushed to insignificance by a partner. What a strong and relevant poem Samyuktha.

  14. Good one. This reminds me of an anime called Anonymous Noise (in a good way) :)

    1. Great to know. Now I'm going to check that out! :)

  15. I love the line where you move your mouth and someone else sings your song.

  16. "I have sat in silence too long
    To continue the arrangement
    Where I move my mouth
    And you sing my song."
    Love it!

  17. I can hear your voice, and it is strong and beautiful!!

  18. So glad to see you do so well! You're setting new milestones each time.

  19. I am extraordinarily affected beside your writing talents, Thanks for this nice share.


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