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She sang to me

From the internet 

A child of the city
The nature never sang to me
Neither did I ever listen to her
Eardrums drowned by noise
Cannot really fish for nuances you see

Then one rainy Sunday afternoon
The trees and the clouds and the concrete and the tarmac
Colluded successfully and concocted a seductive symphony
A consciousness stripped off all complications

Wanting to rewind and live it all over again.

Inspired by the prompt ' uncomplicated things' by Leonard Cohen's Moon. Thank you Toads for such a great prompt. You can find other takes on the topic here


  1. You set this up so well for the revelation that every child in the city should have.

  2. Lovely - some times we just need to look for natures foothold, hidden as it might me.
    How wonderful that you were awoken by that seductive cacophony!
    Anna :o]

  3. I think nature is always closer than we might see at first.

    Nice revelation.

  4. A "consciousness stripped of all complications" .. would that we all could have such an affliction!

  5. Cacophony stilled in the rain. Just beautiful!

  6. What a marvel nature is and it can answer our prayers especially when it has 'Colluded successfully and concocted a seductive symphony'....a fabulous piece!

    1. It always answers to you but we don't listen ..

  7. I like the idea of that seductive symphony of urban sounds.

  8. Ah yes, those moments... Wonderfully composed.

  9. Wonderful! No matter how hard we try, nature is always around us. s'truth.

  10. The city only becomes too much when you need to get away from people, not necessarily the call of nature. How beautifully the poem is written.

  11. Nothing like rain (and 'the trees and the clouds and the concrete and the tarmac') to strip consciousness of all complications. I read your poem all over again and I love it!

  12. Wonderful, that she would emerge not as city alone or nature itself but together, in one simple harmony.

    1. Yes. City and nature are probably one. Maybe it is us who view them differently

  13. Those moments, like feeling the presence of God, can never be rewound. But we can find them anew. Lovely poem.

    1. I wish to find more of these sooner . Thank you :)

  14. Nature will find us when we least expect it.

  15. Visiting my son in NYC I am always amazed at the little bits of green and the birds and the bits of nature that hang on. Of course, I enjoy Central Park & Prospect Park in Brooklyn - would have to live close to one to be able to live there...

  16. Nature : ...The eternal source of inspiration!

  17. Awesome work.Just wished to drop a comment and say i'm new your journal and adore what i'm reading.Thanks for the share


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