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I happened to read about the girl in a box , Colleen Stan recently and her story really shook me. I tried to imagine myself in such a situation and find it impossible to sound optimistic , so honest I'm being. 

Dear whoever who gets this,
I hope you really do get this. But I am pretty sure he will tear this up.  Another one of his psychological games. I don’t really know my name Not anymore Like before
Objects don’t need names That is insane! But I was a person once before Used to hate my life For being so normal.
Perfect parents Enough income Boring lifestyle I wish I could get back to that life haha
He penetrates me everyday Tearing parts of me for himself My flesh fully exposed My limbs chained to the ground I am his slave now.
He let me escape once I think 5 years back? Could be months too Hell is always for eternity.
I was out in his front yard Naked except for my cuffs Unused to all the sunlight And freedom of my limbs My starved body wouldn’t move Shivering in terror I was almost thankful when he came with …

Seven Superstitions

When I conducted a poll on my blog group for a suitable topic to write on, I was surprised that ‘superstitious beliefs’ emerged as a frontrunner. Of course there was the ever enticing ‘ How to flirt with girls: For men’ giving equal competition to it.Since I believe in Non obvious topics , I choose this one.

You can find my How to not flirt with girls -> Here. You can find my ancient post on superstitions  Here. This post is a rehash of sorts of that post.
Before listing out some whacky superstitions let us ponder about the idea itself. Even the most unreligious and logical looking person sometimes hold pretty weird superstitions. The rationale seems to be  ‘why tempt fate?’. People used to the random uncontrollable pulls of life and nature try to bring some semblance of sanity with their own dose of insanity. Fear of the worst case scenario and the guilt which will definitely hit us if we proceed anyways and fail, also serve as pretty strong factors for holding superstitions. I f…