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The comfort of the creamy curd rice
Rolling on the floor , watching TV
Using Laika as my squishy pillow
Sleeping through life
And moving in my own jolly pace

Reminiscing about a happier childhood
With the same bunch of friends ,
Dipping Fries on cheese
Unbothered about kilos and hours

Driving on my scooty ,
Wind washing away my starting jitters ,
Sitting with my special friend on the cool mud
Of  my Bessie beach ,
And trying to tell him that
The Big Things in Life are actually Very Small

The montage that passes through your eyes
Before any nerve wracking moment is
A Random rhapsody of your lived moments ,
So live your life friend
Like the waves before us
Rise and crash and touch some lives ~
Mistakes make great stories
Worry only about being true to your self.

He smiled a quiet smile
Placed his hands behind my head
Leaned forward
And shut my mouth in his style

What was I saying again?


  1. What a delightful way to be silenced ... so delightful one loses one's train of thought, being true one's self all the way!

  2. What a glorious poem this is and how easy to enter it and be a hidden onlooker as it happens.

  3. These are all extraordinary moments of life really. It's our loss if we can't recognize them. And of course your closing lines are just as beautiful.

    1. Thank you. Challenges like these open my eyes to them!

  4. Both wise and delightful. And of course his action indicated that he both heard and heeded the advice!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! I am a big fan of your work , so this makes it extra special! :)

  6. Wow, what profound lines!

    Before any nerve wracking moment is
    A Random rhapsody of your lived moments ,
    So live your life friend

    Thank you for this extraordinary write.

  7. The montage that passes through your eyes
    Before any nerve wracking moment is
    A Random rhapsody of your lived moments ,
    So live your life friend
    Like the waves before us
    Rise and crash and touch some lives

    Sigh.. gorgeous!!❤️

  8. What a beautiful poem. I can picture it in my mind. So lovely! The flow the words,lines are all so wonderful! This has to be one of the best poems I have read. Take care
    Thank you so much for sharing my post'To a sailor in the sea' on your fb page.I am forever grateful :)

    1. I share anything which i love reading :) and thank you so much.

  9. Wow - this is stunning - the flow, the pace, the ideas, and images you've presented and created, the lines and wording itself - it is simply gorgeous - clearly written from the heart and it resonates with an intimate yet very universal feeling. It's breath-taking and stellar - I read this again and again and I feel like the heavens - the stars and constellations have opened before me - and are showering me with a grace and beauty that speaks of -a channel flowing of Love.

    1. I've never felt better about my writing :)

  10. This was really nice writing! Different style and much appreciated! Thanks for sharing :)


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