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13 questions why

Every blogger out there has that one eternal wish – to know that they are not rambling to themselves in this vast internet blog space. Pageviews and likes can only take you so far. It is all about comments and reader’s engagement. If a post elicits someone else to express a counter view it has done its primary job.
So today I am going to initiate and partake in a ‘fun’ activity with all you readers. I am putting up 13 questions and my answers for the same. You guys can choose the ones which appeal to you and answer the same. The answers need not be long – let’s have some fun with this!

       1)      Coffee or tea? 

       The classic way to segregate people. Espresso or earl grey? Filter Kaapi or Chaai? Caffeine fuelled mornings or Tea enabled evenings?  Well my answer is * Drum roll *  Coffee! No surprises there for people who already know me. You can take the girl from kaapi but not kaapi out of the girl ( did I say that saying right? I always mess it up!) But I have recently started obsessing over the milder teas too.

     2)      Cats or Dogs? 

       Another question which divides people across borders. Doggo or grumpy cat? Scooby Doo or Smelly Cat? Puppy or kittie? I am a dog person. I don’t really have a choice in this matter. If I think otherwise, my Laika will disown me :P

       3)      Game of thrones or Breaking Bad? 

       For reasons I cannot fathom , the world seems to pit a historical fantasy against a crime drama. For reasons , I have already stated  -> here I do not get Breaking Bad. The broader tapestry and more twisty turvy Westeros captures my imagination. And my House in GoT : Lannisters. Hear us Roar! I love Cersei Lannister and Jaime Lannister. Not together. As individual characters :P

          4)      TV shows or Movies? That is one Vague ass question. Who comes up with these? ( Ok I do. ) I personally prefer character development over the plot itself and that is why I love TV shows over Movies. 2 hours is too less a time to leave a mark on my soul. That’s my opinion

      5)      Marvel or DC?
That is a toughie since I joined the Superhero Bandwagon only recently. While I did enjoy the Avengers movie a lot , I have stated how I love TV over Movies. Hence my love for Flash , Arrow and Supergirl ( Berlanti universe) supersedes my love for Thor and Captain America.

      6)      Classics or Thrillers? There seem to be two types of readers – those who like their Dickens and those who like their Archers. While I like to read everything , I prefer courtroom dramas and investigative thrillers and modern drama over the more slow paced yet lovely classics. It feels like blasphemy to say this out loud
      7)      Kamal or Rajini?
One of the hardest questions of my childhood. While I fell immediately in love with Rajini’s charisma and style , Kamal’s genius and sheer versatility and what he has brought in to Tamil Cinema has made him edge over the former. I still will go FDFS for both their movies.
     8)      Ilayaraja or A R Rahman?
 This question was harder for the previous generation and will be irrelevant for the next one. Ilayaraja takes home the melodies but A.R.R takes everything to the next level. He was the man who gave me music in my growing up years – I stick with my Arima.
    9)      Dhoni or Kohli?
Both the players have made Indians believe we can win. I go with my captain 07 MSD. P.S – CSK IS BACK NEXT YEAR YAY
    10)   Morning or night person? I am a night owl. It gives you tranquility and space to think. No tick tock.
    11)   Poetry or Prose? Right now in this point in my life , I want to flow like poetry rather than end up like prose.
    12)   Saturday or Sunday? Saturdays are overrated. Sundays I vote! Laziness > partying
    13)   Was this Fun or not? I weirdly found this fun. ( Maybe because I created this game :P I guess I’ll know the answer with the corresponding response to the post)
So that’s all my friends! Share your answers in the comments below. Let’s get to know each other!


  1. 1) coffee - all day, any day😂
    2) dogs - though I'm shit scared of them :(
    3) game of thrones - though I haven't watched it 🙈
    4) can't choose
    5) Marvel - they are bright and colourful, to start with
    6) classics
    7) Thalaivar
    8) ARR
    9) Dhoni
    10) night person
    11) prose - something I can understand 😜
    12) Saturday -coz the next day is Sunday 😂
    13) yes! Yes! Yes 😬


  2. I agree with the dc universe part, but don't you feel that the quality of the content of these shows have come down drastically as seasons progressed?

    1. That's the case with most shows. But there is an upswing in Arrow quality this year. Supergirl is better than before . LOT was far better this season. Flash became too serious but I liked the plotlines they tried

  3. 1) kaapi ..filter kaapi
    2)cats - they rule
    3) havnt seen both :P
    5)Marvel - they know their target audience ~ simple neat and understandable plots
    6)dont know
    10)morning always!
    12)sunday coz the next day is monday :)
    13)yup :)

  4. 1) Tea!
    2) Very scared. yet, dogs. Cats are ughhh.
    3) Breaking Bad <3
    4) Movies
    5) Marvel
    6) Thrillers
    7) Ulaga naayagan.
    8) TOUGH.
    9) Dhoni
    11) Prose
    12) Saturday
    13) Actually fun, didn't think it'd be though xP

  5. 1. I like coffee and tea at times, it depends on my mood!
    2. Dog. Hypothetically my husky would disown me woo. :p
    3. Not a big fan of either.
    4. Neither, Theater! But among them, movies.
    5. Marvel any day!
    6. Again, depends!
    7. Kamal!!
    8. Oh tough one, I don't have an answer for this. Can't decide! Hope this satiates your intention for the post :p
    9. Dhoni.
    10. Wannabe morning night owl.
    11. Prose.
    12. Saturday!!
    13. It was! :D

  6. 1.Coffee
    2.Dogs and Cats( have them both at my home and they get along quite well)
    3.Breaking Bad( last season of GOT sucked hopefully the books won't)
    4.TV series
    5.DC ( Marvel's good for tp)
    6.Classics (you can watch them again and again)
    8.Rahman ( never heard Ilayaraja, now going to)
    9.Dhoni (kohli who?)
    10.You merely adopted the Dark, I was born in it (Seriously, at 12:30 AM)
    11.My life is so poetic that I only get time for prose
    12.Sunday( love the Sunday brunch at home)
    13.Yes (I have literally no work this summer)

  7. 1)Coffee on morning and green tea during evenings.thats been my routine for many years now.
    2)am good with friendly dogs and never had i ever met a domestic cat
    3)i'm more of a "person of interest " type of guy but watching both these shows, bb is
    an awesome show for understanding human behaviour changes to different situations of moral and emotion conflicts. GoT was never my thing, just guilt pleasure,maybe?
    4)as you said its very tricky, tv is becoming more an more desirable for me, but still there are people like nolan,fincher,torantino and the great hitchcock himself make me crave for aesthetics and finesse
    5)i am a avid combic book reader and let me tell you only tgese newbies and wannabe fans take sides. The mature ones learns to appreciation the writer s' talent from both sides.
    6)i like to try everything as well. I like both dumas as well as sheldon, but i just love to bask in the warmth of percy jackson and captain underpants.
    7)Thalaivar head on!!! But my reaspect for Aandavar is unparalleled.
    8) it's serious like comparing apples to oranges. They both are awesome and no way can i choose just one here.
    9)not much of a cricket fan, but coming from chenbai, I guess the craze and love for him comes as a default setting.
    10)never thought of that actually, but guess i have become a night owl after my wave of arrear papers i guess 😜.
    12)friday nights.😁😁
    13)kinda frustrating, given that i like get into the details, but yeah, it was refreshing 👍

  8. 1. Coffee
    2. Dogs
    3. Haven't watched either.
    4. Movies
    5. DC
    6. Thrillers
    7. Rajini
    8. Both
    9. Dhoni
    10. Morning
    11. Poetry
    12. Sunday
    13. Yes, it was! Thank you :)

  9. 1. coffee no contest there. But if it's roadside tea or tea from anywhere in Kerala, then sorry filter kaapi, you lose.
    2. Dogs. You've met Meherina and Bryan. They won't be pleased if I pick another species and call it better.
    3. Game of thrones, simply because I've never watched breaking bad. Yes, we exist :P
    4 movies because they don't warrant a commitment. The thing with TV shows is that once you start, whether you like it or not and irrespective of whether you have time, you find yourself hopelessly hooked. Movies just need 3 hours tops after which you choose fresh content. Easier to pick if someone placed a gun to your head and asked. Also, for something to leave an impression, it's not the duration that counts but the impact.
    5. DC. I like how dark and two shaded every character is. Also, big batman fan and Christopher reeve was childhood crush. So little biased. Marvel is good but the underdogs are always more interesting. I salivate when both brands have stuff coming up.
    6. I like romance. But thrillers are amazing to read. Can't pick really. It's been a while since I touched a book honestly. But I think, thrillers require more skill to write.
    7. Rajini. Don't ask why. Kamal is good but rajini. Padaiyappa, kabali, muthu. ❤️
    8. Rahman. Just CANNOT relate to ilaiyarajas music. I like rahman's confluence of styles. I like his bgms. I find myself liking the soul of his music rather than the flamboyance of raja. Just cannot associate with him. Guess it's a generation thing. Grew up on rahman.
    9. Don't mind both at this point. Kohli, because he is not diplomatic. He's raw and brash. Plus I love how vocal he is about his love and admiration for Anushka. It takes a man to be proud of his girl and not keep her in the wraps. Talent needs no discussion.
    10. Picking night now because that's the only time I'm properly awake. But even otherwise I think 12-3am is my favourite time of the day. The roads are empty. shorelines echo only the sound of waves and not crying babas or cackling kili joshiyam aunties. Cool wind, no pollution, silence. It's lovely to see Chennai sleeping.
    11. Prose. Poetry is like that once in a month fancy meal for me. Just not too big on it but love some quality stuff from time to time. Suggest some poets if you can.
    12. Saturday. Sunday is always spent counting down to a Monday. But Saturday brings hope of a holiday and bidding farewell to the lousy week gone by. Sundays in today's world and in my profession, extremely overrated.
    13. This was really fun. :) Give more questions babe.

  10. 1)coffee, cold coffee ��
    2) Dogs - just prefer them
    3) Breaking Bad , well daahh its breaking bad
    4) tv show, detailing
    5) DC, Batman ��
    6) Thrillers
    7) Rajini sir
    8) A.R. Rahman
    9) Dhoni
    11) Prose
    12) Sunday
    13) yea well, it actually got me thinking so it was quite nice to answer

  11. Coffee

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. 1) coffee
    2) I don't know ( I have a special place for all the living beings)
    3) game of thrones
    4) Movies (TV series highly addictive, I like both)
    5) DC
    6) classics
    7) No one (Rajni)
    8) ARR
    9) Dhoni
    10) night person
    11) Poetry
    12) Sunday
    13) yes, it was fun

  14. 1) Tea. But I hate it black.
    2) Dogs! Duh.
    3) Game of Thrones. Never seen Breaking Bad.
    4) TV Shows. 90% of the time, when making a movie, they tend to remove a lot of content cos of budgetary, timing and weird ass restrictions. (See HP 5 and PJO 1 & 2). So, TV Shows are a better bet any day.
    5) DC. Flash, and Wonderwoman. All we're saying.
    6) Classics.
    7) Rajini! Duh.
    8) ARR
    9) Both?
    10) Depends on when I go to sleep :P If I wake up well before I have to, then morning. If Im dragged out of the bed kicking and screaming, then night.
    11) Prose, but started leaning into the whole poetry scene recently.
    12) Saturday! Cos then you have Sunday to look forward to, instead of Monday, on Sunday. Less mental Trauma. :P
    13) Eh. :P Its all good


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