Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Like today will bring me no good
Charting goals for tomorrow
Only that I don’t what they are.

It is not a question of what to do
I know that I want to do good
For myself and others .
So , a question of how
But the nihilistic why?
Keeps poking its head pretty randomly.

Never wanted to play in the corporate rat race
But the pressure to be ‘placed’
Gnaws my resolve.
Resolve to do what? 
I still don’t know..

Every field is going to be a struggle
What if I pick something I love and
My passion burns into ashes?

Why should there be only one path?
The need to know all the answers
Makes me unravel
The thought of meandering aimlessly
Doesn’t bode well too.

Taking concrete action towards this
Seems like saying bye to that.
So this , that or this and that?
How about Thaat?



  1. Haa haa. One of your bests. Loved the way you finished it and also thaat 'nihilistic why!'

  2. I'd say just keep pressing forward... no rule that says it all must be figured out at once. :)

  3. So many questions... At least we ask them, even if answers are not guaranteed.

  4. Sometimes the question is more important than thaat answer.

    1. We may never find answers or know they are answers if we don't know or ask the questions.

  5. Ah, decisions decisions! Move forward fearlessly. Fate has a way of playing itself out in spite of us!

    1. A ball game we are forever unprepared for..

  6. The other way to look at it is you have a wealth of choices before you, and lots of time should you wish to pursue one direction and, a bit later, another. But I know the pressure placed on the young to plan their whole future. It must feel overwhelming at times. I agree with Bev, life generally charts our course.

    1. True. It is exciting and scary at the same time. No one can stop the winds of time but we nevertheless have to chart some route.

  7. Aw. I remember being afraid of making choices. I found often times, life made them for me. And the ones I made, if mistakes, could be fixed. Life is paradoxically long and short. But you'll have time to reach your path, perhaps follow several paths.

    1. That is very nice to hear. I know only if we make mistakes we can learn but a part of me refuses to get over the fear of making them.

  8. I understand the fear that we can't travel more than one road at a time. Those "What Ifs" can really get to us if we let them, and your poem captures that stress. Such abundance! May this narrator learn to delight in uncertainty. (BTW, some of us have had more than one path in our long lives--one at a time, but still...)

  9. it's wonderful to live in a world without those 'what ifs'..they do pull us down....nicely captured...

  10. My goodness you really aim for the heart with this one!!❤️

  11. those nagging 'What Ifs', can be very destructive, we all have to conquer them at some point or another

    much love...

  12. Well expressed! (Gratuitous advice: do what you love ... and love many things.)

  13. Superb and true.. "this that and Thaaat' xD nice ending


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