Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Being Wo/man

Reinstating obvious things which are sadly not so obvious to many out there.
On this ‘women’s day’ I want to state the following things : -  

1) Feminism is not a bad word. It advocates the equality of all genders.

2) Like Emma Watson said , Gender shouldn’t be two opposing ideals but a wide spectrum accommodating every one.

3) A man is under pressure to be a ‘man’ too. He can’t show emotions , he HAS to provide for the family and  be tough and captain of the ship at all times. No one wants to marry a guy who is not ‘settled’. That’s sexist too.

4) If a woman wants to start a family and settle down instead of being career driven it is fine too. As long as one is doing something of their own will and not because of societal pressure it is absolutely fine. A man being a housemaker is nothing to be ashamed of. I was very surprised when my juniors were literally bullying their friend when she said her dream in life was to get married and have a family. Shaming is Shaming guys!

5) It is not womens day but women’s day. Please know the difference. Please stop using words like ‘feminazi’. It is a sincere request. It is a disservice to all the people who lost their lives and disrespect to all the feminists trying to express their original opinions.
The worst of the internet

6) While having a ‘day’ for something is a largely commercial concept to drive up sales and makes us ‘feel good’ , it does help bring the limelight on hitherto unknown views and problems. It helps create constructive discussion and debates and also improves awareness and make the issues commonplace. Only if you acknowledge it you can overcome it.

7) Saying that some issues which I feel need to be discussed more :-

  • Acid attacks on women and men ( to a lesser extent)
  • Marital Rape
  • Objectification of men and women in mainstream media and public consciousness
  • Legalization of Prostitution in order to curb Human Trafficking


  1. Its sad to know that women everywhere in the world are mistreated.. You give a strong voice and raise our awareness level in this one.. Thank you.

  2. Yes, that is a list of issues we definitely need to talk about. A nonexclusive list! Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

  3. I think we have all to gain from getting rid of stereotypes

    1. Yes. The worst part it is so embedded we don't even realize it half the time!

  4. Very thoughtful article, Semi. I think this should be talked about more often than we do right now.

    1. Thank you for the constant support shival! :)

  5. Samyuktha, your list need to include the trans-community, to be truly inclusive, as a list that needs to be address, by society, on a global basis. Otherwise, it's only a partial list.

  6. Women are treated as weak and inferior since ages and it is now very hard to change this mentality. Marital rapes are still a major problem and the most irritating is that our society gives freedom of this.


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