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Mirror Mirror! Cry me a river The translucent teardrops Are actually from my forehead Nothing but stinky fruits of my labour.
The beads of perspiration form An amoebic puddle Modern art Won’t sell for a penny today Investment for tomorrow you see.
On it, I see myself of yesterday A cartoon faced kid Who wanted to be a detective , Kaleidoscopic dance Ripples of time, Myself of Today An adultish looking person Staring at pools and puddles Wanting to dream again.

Written for Poet's united Midweek Motif 'Mirror'


Being Wo/man

Reinstating obvious things which are sadly not so obvious to many out there. On this ‘women’s day’ I want to state the following things : -  

1) Feminism is not a bad word. It advocates the equality of all genders.

2) Like Emma Watson said , Gender shouldn’t be two opposing ideals but a wide spectrum accommodating every one.

3) A man is under pressure to be a ‘man’ too. He can’t show emotions , he HAS to provide for the family and  be tough and captain of the ship at all times. No one wants to marry a guy who is not ‘settled’. That’s sexist too.

4) If a woman wants to start a family and settle down instead of being career driven it is fine too. As long as one is doing something of their own will and not because of societal pressure it is absolutely fine. A man being a housemaker is nothing to be ashamed of. I was very surprised when my juniors were literally bullying their friend when she said her dream in life was to get married and have a family. Shaming is Shaming guys!

5) It is not wo…


When you delete more than you write It means you aren’t letting yourself fly. Fear of falling and all the eyeballing Constraints of prompts Ideas not blossoming into posts Clogging of words Maybe too much powder with too less water Makes it all too mushy The word flows only when the thoughts and the passion Are in right proportion. But every idea needs its own recipe And you find it only if you make it up as you go along So fear not oh heart of mine! Make mistakes And stop all the deleting.
It’s very annoying. Start flying~


Uhm. Restless Like today will bring me no good Charting goals for tomorrow Only that I don’t what they are.
It is not a question of what to do I know that I want to do good For myself and others . So , a question of how But the nihilistic why? Keeps poking its head pretty randomly.

Never wanted to play in the corporate rat race But the pressure to be ‘placed’ Gnaws my resolve. Resolve to do what?  I still don’t know.. Noo
Every field is going to be a struggle What if I pick something I love and My passion burns into ashes?
Why should there be only one path? The need to know all the answers Makes me unravel The thought of meandering aimlessly Doesn’t bode well too.
Taking concrete action towards this Seems like saying bye to that. So this , that or this and that? How about Thaat?