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IPL auction 2017

We can all admit that the Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen its share of crescendos and crashes over the years. While the degree of interest for the event itself can be questioned , the life and story of its auction is separate and distinct in itself. There is something very exciting and sad in watching  the ‘auction’ of  cricket players (as if they are mere livestock or something). Fortunes can be made and lost over minute strategies and major egos of the team owners and their strategies.
The seasons before saw atrocious amounts paid for players like Pawan Negi , Yuvaraj Singh , Dinesh Karthik , the Pathan brothers only for them to get weighed down by their exorbitant salaries. Hitherto unknown players like Paul Valthathy , Praveen Tambe can thank the IPL for truly changing their life and bringing them much needed recognition. And that is the beauty of IPL , the conventional routes are so filled with politics and this is an alternate path which can boost you into the selectors rad…

The Dawn

The quadrille #25 challenge piqued my interest with its word limit of 44 words to write a poem on 'dawn'. So I penned this. I hope to read your feedback on the same as I really enjoyed writing it. 
Image borrowed from the internet

Constant cacophony of  callous cuckoos cloud the horizons of my consciousness , I seek the shimmering rays of the sun  to build me the moral compass to navigate the gnarly waters of life.  Strangely enough  the darkness beneath my eyes dawned the light within me