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Happy sunday!

So Sundays are the best  since it gives us the much needed time to be our lazy potato-selves. And on what other day can I throw my random-est thoughts at you guys without shaping them professionally? What I am going to do is casually throw some ideas at y’all and if it is worthy of discussion we can make a full fledged post.
    Surveillance is BAD. Then why track our Swiggy* guys?  All of us hate it when our school installed surveillance cameras in the corridors or when they were introduced them in our workplaces. It is not a good feeling to have the Big Brother watching you , even if it is just a fat security guard bhaiya** who is never going to look at you. I’m sure you will have the same reaction if your employer attaches a GPS tracker on you.  While it certainly gives a sense of comfort to know where your food parcel is every minute of the day , isn’t it invading the delivery guy’s workplace privacy to track him every second? If they give a timeframe of 30 minutes and deliver i…

Divided we fall

Hi there. So it has taken me longer than usual to get the blog rolling this year. Starting the year with an old unpublished poem which fits the theme of unity :) Would absolutely love all feedback! So comment away.

A conjoined twin trying to escape another Grunting in exertion and effort As his flesh binds him to another But not his spirit
A group of people deciding What is best for themselves And propagandising it as What is best for those who they represent And changing the contours of history And geographical boundaries By coercion and threat.
A group of disadvantaged people Who are sick of the current system And want to create their own system To grow sick of.
The prince who abandoned his title Subjects , wife and children In the name of enlightenment.
Are all seceding.  Physically Politically and Morally
But is anyone really succeeding? 
Written for Poet united's midweek motif  'unity'.