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My Bookshelf Challenge

So My favorite comic artist Grant Snider From Incidental Comics uploaded this marvellous work recently. The thing about his comic strips are that they are so detailed and the words have as much power as the images. I thought I'll do my annual book update via this structure. So Here goes..

2017 has been a disappointing year reading wise. I read only 13 books of my target 30. I also read out of my comfort zone. Sci Fi , Tamil fantasy , Rural based books and classics are really not my cup of tea and cold the cup remained till I gulped it like a medicine.  The Sci Fi book was Ender's Game. Not bad actually got sucked into the dystopian alien fighting kids fighting monsters schtick in the end. Apparently it is a whole big franchise. Read it if you are into that kinda thing.  The two tamil books I tried this year were Ponniyin Selvan and Moondram Ulaga Por. 
Ponniyin Selvan was every bit the epic it promised to be and I can't wait to read the next books in the series! Kalki is r…

Alphabet Song

We’re all at the Anonymous CafĂ© Basking in each other’s misery Cotton over our bleeding hearts Defying Death and all her friends Ever ready to give it another go Fossiled memories motivating rather than defeating
Grape sized heart can carry Such humongous weight Ignominious defeats Justifying its strength Kudos to us all for still trying hard.
Lavish meals and meringue pies Can only take you so far Novice Romantics chuckle at us silently Our orchestra of sadness drown them quiet easily.
Be proud of all the battle scars Queer we are not for choosing this Rocky path Songs getting written by of us at this very moment Taste of victory after testing times is the best after all.


So the Toads had an interesting prompt where you take a letter-word and run with it. I ran with the letters from A-T then ignored UVWXYZ because I already made my point.

Sense of an Ending

Once I was the new girl quietly inhabiting my corner  Inhibitions galore  Tongues tied with awkwardness  wrapping me up, producing no comfort. 
It took a fair amount of time, some nice humans and  a good deal of ass kicking and coffee smelling  to be me in front of them.  Then school got over and college got me starting all over again. 
College took a fair bit longer  with relocation , Hindi and whatnot I had resigned myself to my fate  of becoming the crazy cat lady or the pigeon lady from Home alone. 

All it took was one kind human  to introduce me to her friends  With them I could finally  Stand in the sun.  A big family of friends we became  a noisy bunch , food bonded us  to extraordinary measures
We ate more than we spoke maybe the only reason restaurants didn't kick us out! 
We handled failures and successes  makeovers and breakdowns  with much elan  and stuck with each other through it all.  Intimidating other individuals with our  sheer numbers we had a ball! 
Now the da…

Unbroken Again

So post number #175 it is  

Unbroken Again

A cracked glass can’t be stuck again That grandma of a person croaked. We are in the age of Fevikwik and ready smiles.
So what if it is a plastered one For the cameras? They are better than fake candids atleast
The other day I realized That my heart  got unbroken I could feel only the feeling That I couldn’t feel anything And a twinge of sadness  That I’m not a wailing idiot His star crossed lover.
My smile used to be a band aid over a bullet hole Now the hole is no more And my smile is whole again But then
Why do I still mourn the hole?

Little lessons

So I have been thinking of linking up to this blog party for a while now and finally came around to doing it.   When I think of 'Little things Thursday' the first idea that pops to my head is to share the little nuggets of wisdom I have gathered in my internship .Oh btw I intern at this Tax Law firm. Don't worry I won't bore you with tax...too much :P

1) No field is boring if you have the passion for it.

...........Says the girl who loved History in school <3  It is not always love at first sight with all the subjects.It is in fact hate at first sight with some, in the face of horrifying technicalities. But a love borne out of understanding will always be more meaningful than mere infatuation. I guess this rule applies for almost all matters in our lives.  When Randall in This is us said he was really passionate about weather commodities I laughed. Surely people did such professions only for the dough? But being surrounded by people who live eat and breathe for Inpu…

What is the up

Hi guys. I have been trying to write a poem for the last half hour and have ended up deleting innumerable drafts already. That side of my brain hasn’t really been put to work in a good while and let’s give it some time to catch up. So what are you all up to?
What Is the up
I am currently interning at a Tax law firm and I have to admit I am struggling with all the technicalities. But I believe learning is a long arduous and painful process and one day like the karate kid or Akshay Kumar from Chandni Chowk to China , I’ll be all ready and pro to face the world… or at least get a job.
PonderingsI am back in Chennai for this month and I have to admit that it is very weird to be back in a place with only the skeletons of my past remaining… the souls have moved on to their respective futures and careers of course. Ah the other side of the brain is finally starting to flow guys! It is so scary to think of the future and where I’ll be in a year. Out of college and with a job hopefully but wher…



Melancholy strings madly strumming like a guitar Carnivorous id ravishing my morality from deep within Inverted sleep cycles make me question reality A madwoman NOT at work I play a multi note orchestra   To the current people of my life
Friends and family run fast Away or Towards I’m not sure.
 I have sat in silence too long To continue the arrangement Where I move my mouth And you sing my song.
I will sing till my larynx tears Your eardrum. The blood that will fall Is a pittance compared to the pain You so casually caused
So listen to me Sing my glorious solo   With my mistakes and all And this time
Judge me for who I really am.

She sang to me

From the internet 

A child of the city The nature never sang to me Neither did I ever listen to her Eardrums drowned by noise Cannot really fish for nuances you see
Then one rainy Sunday afternoon The trees and the clouds and the concrete and the tarmac Colluded successfully and concocted a seductive symphony A consciousness stripped off all complications
Wanting to rewind and live it all over again.
Inspired by the prompt ' uncomplicated things' by Leonard Cohen's Moon. Thank you Toads for such a great prompt. You can find other takes on the topic here


I happened to read about the girl in a box , Colleen Stan recently and her story really shook me. I tried to imagine myself in such a situation and find it impossible to sound optimistic , so honest I'm being. 

Dear whoever who gets this,
I hope you really do get this. But I am pretty sure he will tear this up.  Another one of his psychological games. I don’t really know my name Not anymore Like before
Objects don’t need names That is insane! But I was a person once before Used to hate my life For being so normal.
Perfect parents Enough income Boring lifestyle I wish I could get back to that life haha
He penetrates me everyday Tearing parts of me for himself My flesh fully exposed My limbs chained to the ground I am his slave now.
He let me escape once I think 5 years back? Could be months too Hell is always for eternity.
I was out in his front yard Naked except for my cuffs Unused to all the sunlight And freedom of my limbs My starved body wouldn’t move Shivering in terror I was almost thankful when he came with …

Seven Superstitions

When I conducted a poll on my blog group for a suitable topic to write on, I was surprised that ‘superstitious beliefs’ emerged as a frontrunner. Of course there was the ever enticing ‘ How to flirt with girls: For men’ giving equal competition to it.Since I believe in Non obvious topics , I choose this one.

You can find my How to not flirt with girls -> Here. You can find my ancient post on superstitions  Here. This post is a rehash of sorts of that post.
Before listing out some whacky superstitions let us ponder about the idea itself. Even the most unreligious and logical looking person sometimes hold pretty weird superstitions. The rationale seems to be  ‘why tempt fate?’. People used to the random uncontrollable pulls of life and nature try to bring some semblance of sanity with their own dose of insanity. Fear of the worst case scenario and the guilt which will definitely hit us if we proceed anyways and fail, also serve as pretty strong factors for holding superstitions. I f…


The comfort of the creamy curd rice Rolling on the floor , watching TV Using Laika as my squishy pillow Sleeping through life And moving in my own jolly pace
Reminiscing about a happier childhood With the same bunch of friends , Dipping Fries on cheese Unbothered about kilos and hours
Driving on my scooty , Wind washing away my starting jitters , Sitting with my special friend on the cool mud Of  my Bessie beach , And trying to tell him that The Big Things in Life are actually Very Small

The montage that passes through your eyes Before any nerve wracking moment is A Random rhapsody of your lived moments , So live your life friend Like the waves before us Rise and crash and touch some lives ~ Mistakes make great stories Worry only about being true to your self.
He smiled a quiet smile Placed his hands behind my head Leaned forward And shut my mouth in his style

What was I saying again?

13 questions why

Every blogger out there has that one eternal wish – to know that they are not rambling to themselves in this vast internet blog space. Pageviews and likes can only take you so far. It is all about comments and reader’s engagement. If a post elicits someone else to express a counter view it has done its primary job. So today I am going to initiate and partake in a ‘fun’ activity with all you readers. I am putting up 13 questions and my answers for the same. You guys can choose the ones which appeal to you and answer the same. The answers need not be long – let’s have some fun with this!

       1)Coffee or tea?
       The classic way to segregate people. Espresso or earl grey? Filter Kaapi or Chaai? Caffeine fuelled mornings or Tea enabled evenings?  Well my answer is * Drum roll *  Coffee! No surprises there for people who already know me. You can take the girl from kaapi but not kaapi out of the girl ( did I say that saying right? I always mess it up!) But I have recently started obse…


So taking inspiration from the french revolution and recently put on hold farmer protests in Delhi  , I present to you my first for the A to Z challenge "Antoinette". Also submitting it for Poet's United theme News Media which has much maligned this movement.

Atrophy Asinine splendour Avarice which just got grander.
The sound of a million gold coins Tunes you deaf To lesser men and metals
Acrimony and anthrax Poisoned the air outside Air conditioned rooms Chilled you from inside.
Astonishing we find The greed of the rich folks Even our daily fight for food Doesn’t come close..
Running a rigged race You still keep scores Stamping on our shoulders You reach up
Now you eat our cake And sprinkle some bread crumbs From that balcony of yours, When that gets over You wear back your gloves And ask us to eat cake With no reason or rhyme.

Hence now we revolt By sitting in front of (Y)our King’s office Eating rats Drinking urine and Running naked to highlight our plight
Your media brands us as fr…