Monday, December 12, 2016

The Green coloured building

Blanket of nostalgia
Wrapped me tightly
Like a burrito
When I woke up today.

Past memories weighed me down
Go back to sleep they said
Relive those joyous days
Their glory finally acknowledged

Faces of friends
Spaces I hung out
Their authentic traces intact
Beckon me home

Ships eventually sail
Drop the anchor now and then
Thirsty for mirage
I drink salt water

It is better to revisit the green coloured building
In my head
The paths and persons more familiar and friendly
So I shut my eyes tightly.

Good night! 

Also : My juvenile post on farewell to the green coloured building is here 
It is my old school - BVM. Sometimes I get strong dreams about my school life and hope that I can relive them. I'm pretty sure I will appreciate it more this time around.


  1. One gets that nostalgic feeling looking at old buildings that can bring back pleasant memories. It is only human!


    1. So bittersweet to think of them when you can't reach them now though

  2. This is absolutely charming!!❤️

  3. Far from juvenile! A warm and comforting poem (and gorgeous picture)

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