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Nothing good comes after 3 AM
The monsters are waiting just around that corner
I am losing already.
Great confusion over life goals
Nothing comes easily
The landscape where I once seamlessly stepped into
Now not really.
Hush! You are no more a little baby
A sad and helpless insomniac
Penning thoughts for solace in sleep
If only words can make you drowsy
Maybe I should do a push up
Or simply shut up my burning eyes
What about this constantly humming brain?
Maybe symptom of an everlasting pain
Make this stop please I beg
You can if you want to, says a voice from within
But isn’t that a case with everything?
The question of how might beat the question of when
And the collateral might defeat the win.



  1. If this can come after 3, what more good are you yearning for? Savour your words, they may not bring you sleep but they can bring a smile :)

  2. I reckon anything that causes poetry can't be all bad!

  3. 3am is a difficult time to be awake and think about life.. but that shh..and the poem..makes up for it a little i hope

    1. I did start sleeping a week later. So something good did happen in hindsight I guess :)

  4. This is so powerful! I like how you describe the inability to sleep especially at such a tender time as 3am. Especially like; "Penning thoughts for solace in sleep" ..beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating!

  5. If I start writing I'm *definitely* up for the duration. Sigh.

  6. "Shh" count sheep OR form your thoughts to poetry, luv it

    much love...

  7. some people do their best work then! really good rendition of insomnia

  8. I agree with Rosemary that anything that causes poetry can't be all bad. I know what it's like - I have trouble sleeping and am usually up and writing by 6 am, after struggling with monsters and shadows.

  9. Oh, my yes. This captures the feeling perfectly.

  10. Exactly... past 3AM it's useless.

  11. I think the problem is the indecision between getting up and staying put then blaming whatever you do for being still awake! Been there so much.


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