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In this world so connected with technology,we have actually lost our real connections.Technology has actually surpassed human-interactions. Real time Conversations became texting and Feelings became status updates.What you feel? Share your views on it.  So this is my first post for indispire , I hope to participate more often. #indispire149 has the above mentioned topic and I have decided to play Devil's advocate. ( the best type of advocate)
Disclaimer : All views are solely my opinion and all images are taken from google , I claim no rights over them.
Cliched intro and some irony 
In every century , every decade man (woman too?) has proven that he hates new change or technology. For , every innovation there is equal and strong opposition ( see how i mimicked newton there xD ) and a general sense of disdain over all things new. And that is precisely what is happening here when slightly older generations ironically go on social media and blogging platforms to state how we don't…

Sharikrida : A game of Political intrigue

It is not every day you get a chance to review a book before it gets officially released and I’m very pleased to announce that I got one such chance. So here comes , the first official review of the book!
Sharikrida , is a book authored by Krishna Trilok and published by Zuna Publishers. The book is set in the future where monarchy and kingdoms rule India ( now called Vehya ) again.
Btw don’t worry, this review is Spoiler Free!
The basic plot is that there are six kingdoms which rule the vehya subcontinent and the supreme ruler is chosen by a game of Sharikrida , a live action chess and strategy game. There is also a running thread about King Bharin Shah of the North fighting for justice against the evil supreme ruler Kesara Gaderia and his evil Shvagnin / Chessmaster .
As you can see , the book conjures up its own world effectively. The author has put in great effort constructing this fantastical realm so comprehensively that you want more stories from this world. Trilok should make a…

The Green coloured building

Blanket of nostalgia Wrapped me tightly Like a burrito When I woke up today.
Past memories weighed me down Go back to sleep they said Relive those joyous days Their glory finally acknowledged
Faces of friends Spaces I hung out Their authentic traces intact Beckon me home
Ships eventually sail Drop the anchor now and then Thirsty for mirage I drink salt water
It is better to revisit the green coloured building In my head The paths and persons more familiar and friendly So I shut my eyes tightly.
Good night! 
Also : My juvenile post on farewell to the green coloured building is here  It is my old school - BVM. Sometimes I get strong dreams about my school life and hope that I can relive them. I'm pretty sure I will appreciate it more this time around.


Nothing good comes after 3 AM The monsters are waiting just around that corner I am losing already. Great confusion over life goals Nothing comes easily The landscape where I once seamlessly stepped into Now not really. Hush! You are no more a little baby A sad and helpless insomniac Penning thoughts for solace in sleep If only words can make you drowsy Maybe I should do a push up Or simply shut up my burning eyes What about this constantly humming brain? Maybe symptom of an everlasting pain Make this stop please I beg You can if you want to, says a voice from within But isn’t that a case with everything? The question of how might beat the question of when And the collateral might defeat the win.