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The monster

When you were a kid
You would search for me
under your bed
the same monster
is now lurking inside your head.

Count to 10
Shut your eyes tightly to no avail
I will grow my gospel
In the darkest zones of your soul

Self doubt , green eyedness and low self esteem
Are only some of the seeds I sow
Their progenies will never really let you grow

Poor you ,
think sleep is a sweet escape
You forget each time that
nightmares are my favourite landscape.

I am the evil landlord
That vanquished your brain
When did you become the benami
Against your own benefit?

My name is pessimism

Do you even remember yours? 

So Imaginary Garden with Real Toads had this topic which really piqued my interest , the real fear which lurks in the night, So this is my contribution towards the same topic.


  1. The end really hits hard... maybe we can just try to find the glass half-full

  2. Wow what an ending!

    Much love...

  3. beneath the bed... always a childhood fear and the "I will grow my gospel" just horrifies me - and truly, low self-esteem is the root of so much angst - well played!

  4. How true is this!! The monster was always withing us.

    1. We're our own enemies if not the only enemies

  5. How true is this!! The monster was always withing us.

  6. Yes, it really does live inside my head now instead of under the bed.

  7. That Monster always plays with me...hope one day he will learn what friendship is!

    Very well expressed.

    1. Friendship with the monster? Be careful xD
      And thank you :)


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