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They called me iraivi* And put me up on a pedestal Easier to throw stones Be pushed down

They expected me to be grateful For I was the goddess Who ‘could’ do no wrong. ‘Should’ would have been more appropriate.
If I say yes, I am a slut . If I say no, I am a bitch. If I speak up, I am a feminazi. If I don’t speak , I am arrogant.
With eyes brimming with romantic paternalism They revere me , And demand millions of sacrifices That would befit a god. Just treat me like a woman I seemingly shout out with my studied silence From atop the pedestal Which was actually a golden cage For the Iraivi can do no wrong She is a goddess you fools!

Iraivi* - Tamil term for Goddess
So i wrote this during exam times and never had the time to publish it. Thought it would befit the poets united's 'pedestal' theme.

The deep blue ocean

Sue Heck. I have watched around 4 seasons of The Middle now and one character who fascinates me is Sue Heck. On paper , she is a stereotypical beliebing teenager who likes pink and who is what people may typically refer to as a ‘dork’. She tries out for everything and almost never makes any team. And that is what astounds everyone – Sue’s indomitable spirit. She NEVER gives up. Even when she sucks at it. Sometimes to her own detriment.

I am kind of her opposite. More like her tired Mother of three , Frankie. Frankie quits things when they get too tough. She plays out what ‘will’ happen in her head , arrives at her own foregone conclusion and quits. It is pretty sad considering that Frankie is in her mid Forties and that I have just started my Twenties.

Law school does that to you. However , my slightly skewered to my favour contention is that , while being a Frankie is a big NO , aren’t we all really more Frankie than Sue? And what is wrong with quitting with something you are horrible…