Saturday, September 24, 2016


4 walls and a door
Don’t forget the floor
That is the place I live
And not my home

Home is where the heart is
And lives
unequivocally enshrines the self
with a warm sense of belonging

No foreboding or fear
Can reach me here.
I am child once again
In this humble abode.

Raucous waves ~~
Sticky sand which won’t leave my slippers
The fresh smell of salt in the sea 
All welcome me home
How can I resist?

Filter coffee
Happy dog
Loving Grandma
That’s what makes my home
What makes yours?

If you don’t know ,
Go search, seek , build !!
If you do know ,
Visit it more often.
Treasure the warmth it gives you
Even if you live there all the time.
Especially If you live there ‘all’ the time.

(image borrowed , not the one of my dog though :P)


  1. Home is where the heart is

    And the doggie knows this. It can take full use right up to one's bed if access is allowed.


  2. Beautiful samyukta... keep them coming ... u pen ur thoughts beautifully n I am big fan of the way u put it forth....God bless Gal

  3. Sometimes to often taken for granted, I enjoyed your poem

  4. I like your take on home. Everyone should have one like that—and a dog :)

  5. I think we can find it right where we are... maybe we should be not search so much.

  6. I like the way you start with the place where you live, which is not your home, and then move on to where your heart is. - the place where you grew up. I also enjoyed the sight, sound and feel of the place , which then lead to the person who makes your home.

    1. Thank you :D
      Even I didn't notice the structure before you pointed it out

  7. this serves as a good reminder that find ones own place in the world.

  8. Ah, I love a home (and a poem!) that has a grandma and a happy dog in it!

    1. Yayy. They are there in my poems more often than not xP

  9. Happy to know home is where the heart is. So too the art, but it takes longer getting there. Saying just how the home is the heart. There's a welcoming mat at the door of this!

  10. Oh! I love the coffee and dog best :)


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