Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Predator & The Prey

So the midweek motif in Poets United was ' predator and the prey' and I couldn't ask for a more perfect opportunity to write about this .It is more prosey than poemy but i just wrote what came to my mind. Leave your honest feedback below or I will go mad that nobody cared. Putting myself out there.

credits - Times of india
I always never liked him
The guy who rode me in his auto to school.
He acted like he was my boss
Bullying and puncturing my soul.
Made me sit in the worst positions
In his overcrowded rickshaw,
On the handrest, above his seat,
Even had to share his front seat.
My parents never believed me
As I had a penchant for fabricating honestly amazing lies.
He used to hurl abuses at me,
Unnecessarily delay taking me home,
He even drank on duty.
No one ever believed me.
Then one day he started asking me for ten bucks
And pestered me incessantly
Till I gave him some.
This became a habit.
I gave up complaining to my parents altogether.
He used to make fun of me in front of others
But I wasn’t a silent victim
I learnt bad words to combat his verbal diarrhoea
I acted like I didn’t care
Got used to his bad treatment to an extent that he got bored.
He wasn’t all evil either.
He told me about his son in law who had cancer.
I saw him giving free lifts to the poor
( delaying me furthermore)
Buying tea and biscuits to the old and needy
With whatever he had.
He told me about his affair ,
About his wife.
About his life.
He treated me like an adult ,
Alarm bells should have rung then.
He started speaking to me about sex ,
I was 13 then ,
It intrigued me
But I tried blocking it out.
I always pretended to read a book.
Then one fine day ,
The predator decided to hunt its prey.
But the prey was agile like a deer
And cried out like a hyena ,
The predator was old , tired and certainly drunk
And got scared by the fragile looking one causing so much
So it decided to act like it was all a mistake.
The prey told her parents and her parents
Finally listened this time.  
Apparently many preys don’t speak out
And become silent victims.
Parents were proud of their prey
And the prey decided to not be one
And decided to act brave.
It worked.
People believed I was strong
I believed I was
I eventually felt strong
And became so.
But those memories still hit me when I’m weak.

If only they had listened quickly.
If only I had told them earlier 
If only


  1. it's really wonderful and soothing to be aware of one's own power, like the awakening of the inner lion, very pricey though...a wonderful post for the prompt, thank you...

    1. Thank you :)
      Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

  2. You not only brought out the silent suffering, anger, positivity but also the marks of the agonised soul. It will definitely leave a print in the mind of the reader just like it did in me.
    Bravo girl! For using this opportunity so well and speaking up for so many.

    1. And the hard thing is that these kinds of activities is still happening in many places and many preys wants to be silent victims because of their situations....!!!

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    3. Speaking up his hard. Most ppl wanna block it and move on. But I think they should eventually speak up

  3. this is so, don't know what to say, mmmm, heart wrenchingly open on such difficult and painfull subject matter .put down in words so well.respect to you.

  4. I certainly love the layers of the the predator prey situation... glad you never feel victim... glad you can respect the small nuggets of good you saw in him, and just maybe he was prey to other predators...

    1. yeah , but it is so hard to really care or sympathise about him

  5. Cautionary tale, feelingly and well told Samyuktha - will be of use to others I'm sure... With Best Wishes Scott

  6. Respect! Hope this sends a message across to the silent ones and people start to listen a bit early.

  7. Courageous words that can bring hope and strength to many.

  8. Just read this! Bravo Girl :) You've depicted the emotion so well! Kudos...This is brilliant work!

  9. t=The girl is brave, she fought all it on her own.The parents should always be attentive to their kids.

  10. Excellent take on the theme. This situation unfortunately is so rampant around the world with minor variations. We have to educate our young and vulnerable so that they can react wiht the courage and bravery the young heroine of your poem did.

  11. I'm glad at least that it turned out to be a story of escape and empowerment. But the if onlies ought not to be self-blaming, I think.

    1. Not self blaming. Just a bit frustrated and tired i guess


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