Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Silly Billie

Here comes Silly billie*
Along the lines of my mojojojo

She was a silly billie *
A wild cat to her inner core
Untamed by mere homo sapiens.

She unleashed her claws every chance she got
Scratching more than the surface of
Every person she met.
She was a silly billie
My very own chikni chameli.

Not a Soft kitty
Not a Warm kitty
And definitely more than a little ball of fur.

Cats get things done
Humans don't .

Queen of the concrete jungle
She looked down upon everyone
With a smile of smug satisfaction. 
Silly Billie
All behold and worship our very own Chikni Chameli

I miss her though.

* billie in hindi means cat

written for poets united midweek motif 'cats' 


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