Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The First Dosa

I would like to thank all my readers - new and old - for the constant support and feedback. Steady Meanderings has gained a new lease of life because of you all. You guys are my biggest blessing! :)

Okay that sounded so cheesy and so unlike me :P

Listening to feedback is very crucial  feel and I have been getting requests to revert back to my long articles and short stories. But you see the problem is that, once you cross over to poetry which is so quaint and beautiful , prose feels cumbersome ugly and crass. If  I can make my point in 50 lovely words , why stretch it out to a 500 inconsequential ones?
What I am saying is that I used to be a story teller but now I've now become a writer. I have been giving importance to style over substance and I know that is not the best thing to happen to me. So I will try to balance both and I am committing to that by registering it here.
Since a cross over from poetry to prose is not the easiest thing ever , I'm going to try to capture the stream of conscious thoughts that's flowing through my head right now.
We all have to start somewhere right?
This post's soul feels this way
The heavy poetry hangover is palpable but please bear with me.
My mom says that the first dosa is always bad. But only if you get done with it , you can move on to better crispy ones :) and that is what this post is attempting to do. Scratch the pan before making more delicious things.

 Blessing Midweek Motif - I have become an avid participant of the poets united's midweek prompts. There is nothing more satisfying for a writer than to find a community of like minded souls sharing their work and mutual appreciation :)
The midweek motif for this week is 'blessing' and like I said in the beginning readers are my biggest blessing.
" More often than not we rarely spot the blessings we have been awarded from the almighty nature. Sometimes because we don't recognise the almighty but most times because we don't know that they are a blessing. We are too afraid to open the gift life has awarded us. Especially since life loves handing out Jackfruits. Prickly on the outside but oh so sweet on the inside. "

"Some people may have had cheap jackfruit off the road. A cursing in a blessing disguise. Wolf in sheep's clothing if you may call it. And so when the real fruit of our labour comes along we are too afraid to taste them .What a shame"  ( I had a bad experience with it when i was 8. Now i have a lifelong aversion)
" Moving away from the now overused Jackfruit metaphor , sometimes we are not aware that we possess is a blessing. Only when we lose or afraid we are going to lose it , that goddamn curse turns out to be your bestie bff blessing,"
 " If you never ever do find out your blessings from your curses , may god save you. "

No post is complete without a ruby meme :D

My convoluted message is that 

1) Spot thy blessings asap

2) Cherish them

3) Don't be a complaining mona 

4) This can be in relation to people , incidents , the seemingly shitty  sucky trick life life played on you. 

Iwilltakethisoppurtunity to Thank Srishti Swati  and Raju / Mona Darling aka Rajeshwari for being there always. If i put myself through what i put you both through , I would have unfriend AND block myself. Thank you for ending up in ILS by accident and making my life so much better ^_^

I would love to put a pic up , but fearing gaudiness I am not putting up. 

If this post nothing to you , take my peace offering :- 


Okay bye. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Believe it or not , I cooked this up in an instant.

Instant Coffee
    Instant Noodles
        Instant Gratification
             Always seems alluring.
        when push comes to shove ,
    Honey! it tastes like crap.
I want to go back to that time , 
    you know the time , 
    when we had the time 

                                                                     To have slow dripped coffee
                                                                      handmade noodles -
                                                                      okay , never had time for those - 
                                                                     and slow cook our romance 
                                                                     on simmer forever

written for sunday scribbling 2  . The prompt was 'instant'. 

pic taken from google. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Silly Billie

Here comes Silly billie*
Along the lines of my mojojojo

She was a silly billie *
A wild cat to her inner core
Untamed by mere homo sapiens.

She unleashed her claws every chance she got
Scratching more than the surface of
Every person she met.
She was a silly billie
My very own chikni chameli.

Not a Soft kitty
Not a Warm kitty
And definitely more than a little ball of fur.

Cats get things done
Humans don't .

Queen of the concrete jungle
She looked down upon everyone
With a smile of smug satisfaction. 
Silly Billie
All behold and worship our very own Chikni Chameli

I miss her though.

* billie in hindi means cat

written for poets united midweek motif 'cats' 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Predator & The Prey

So the midweek motif in Poets United was ' predator and the prey' and I couldn't ask for a more perfect opportunity to write about this .It is more prosey than poemy but i just wrote what came to my mind. Leave your honest feedback below or I will go mad that nobody cared. Putting myself out there.

credits - Times of india
I always never liked him
The guy who rode me in his auto to school.
He acted like he was my boss
Bullying and puncturing my soul.
Made me sit in the worst positions
In his overcrowded rickshaw,
On the handrest, above his seat,
Even had to share his front seat.
My parents never believed me
As I had a penchant for fabricating honestly amazing lies.
He used to hurl abuses at me,
Unnecessarily delay taking me home,
He even drank on duty.
No one ever believed me.
Then one day he started asking me for ten bucks
And pestered me incessantly
Till I gave him some.
This became a habit.
I gave up complaining to my parents altogether.
He used to make fun of me in front of others
But I wasn’t a silent victim
I learnt bad words to combat his verbal diarrhoea
I acted like I didn’t care
Got used to his bad treatment to an extent that he got bored.
He wasn’t all evil either.
He told me about his son in law who had cancer.
I saw him giving free lifts to the poor
( delaying me furthermore)
Buying tea and biscuits to the old and needy
With whatever he had.
He told me about his affair ,
About his wife.
About his life.
He treated me like an adult ,
Alarm bells should have rung then.
He started speaking to me about sex ,
I was 13 then ,
It intrigued me
But I tried blocking it out.
I always pretended to read a book.
Then one fine day ,
The predator decided to hunt its prey.
But the prey was agile like a deer
And cried out like a hyena ,
The predator was old , tired and certainly drunk
And got scared by the fragile looking one causing so much
So it decided to act like it was all a mistake.
The prey told her parents and her parents
Finally listened this time.  
Apparently many preys don’t speak out
And become silent victims.
Parents were proud of their prey
And the prey decided to not be one
And decided to act brave.
It worked.
People believed I was strong
I believed I was
I eventually felt strong
And became so.
But those memories still hit me when I’m weak.

If only they had listened quickly.
If only I had told them earlier 
If only

Tuesday, August 2, 2016!

Okay. There is this very stupid notion that foodies are fat. Oh person who thinks that way! I hate to break it to you. Loving food has nothing to do with how much you can eat (alone). There is this saying that Quality trumps Quantity and that's what I am talking about. Trying different variety of food is also an activity via which a person can show their love. And I preach so much because I fall into that category.
The category of persons who love ordering and tasting different things but too scared to do so because they don't wanna waste food and be a threat to the society. ( No , that didn't escalate. Food wastage is an endemic we can ill afford)
Writing is how I express emotions. And what better emotion to express about than the express one I have towards food? I am going to share the pictures of and give reviews of the yum food I tasted in the awesome restaurants I happened to visit in the last few days. Belt up! The ride is fun , I swear.


check it here
4 feet dosa




Okay. Now that I have your eyeballs glued to the screen , let me begin. After a month of spending time away from home , nothing speaks to you more than your home food. South India is where I come from and IDDOS is hands down the best restaurant to have south Indian food in Pune. While the likes of Vaishali and Wadeshwar suffer from a case of severe overratedness , Iddos goes about serving awesome food quietly. 
Things to eat : 
1) 4 feet dosa : Crispy , looong dosa with yummy tomato chutney. The sambhar wasn't that great but better than most. They also serve coconut and green chutney. Didn't like the green chutney. 
2) Pongal : One of the few places which serve pongal in Pune. If you're a fan of ghee you're in for a big treat! Just melts in your mouth :') 
3) Molagapodi idli : Tiny button idlis marinated and drenched in chilly powder is just what you need to lift your day to the next level
4) Filter coffee: Nowhere near my grandmom's coffee :P but way better than your garden variety bru. Seeing the manual filter and davara tumbler ( cup and saucer) set just lifts your heart.

2. Picantos Mexican Grill , Aundh , Pune : 
check it here
Went with the whole squad

Creamy chicken Mini bowl and chicken enchiladas


Cinnamon dusted churros in chocolate sauce

A nice restaurant to go with your friends. They had games like monopoly , scrabble and Uno. Also , they served very quickly when we kept hitting them with volume,
What to try : 
1) Cheesy chicken mini bowl : Surprisingly fresh for the amount of cheese involved , lots of fresh veggies , chicken , rice and of course cheese! 
2) Tacos: Yummy tortilla shells stuffed with the perfect blend of kidney beans , chicken , tomato salsa and sauce! Dish of the day
3) Chicken Enchiladas: Jam packed with flavor and cheese. This one is a keeper!
4) Churros: An interesting eat. While the churros and chocolate sauce were yum , your affinity towards cinnamon ultimately decides if this dish is a hit or a miss. 

What I am having today :- 
So the cook took a holiday today. So ordered in bomber chicken burger with coke from Rush hrs , kothrud , Pune! I shall update on that soon.

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