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Yes , I can!

Guys guys! So I was trolling for guest posts and the great Arvind Passey agreed. He is a great writer I admire . Please check out his website here -->  click

Even a burglar says this. So do politicians. Scamsters. Smugglers. Thieves. Rapists. And yet these three words are linked not with them but with an indomitable will. They represent the power of positive assertiveness. ‘Yes, I can’ is not a mantra to be chanted and yet they need a person’s mind to believe in the magical message of affirmation that they carry in their alphabets.

But wait, this isn’t the text for a motivation workshop because I intend to explore the relationship of these three words with everything that society always wants to despise, shun, and rebuke. So here we take a U-turn and go back to where the corrupt, the scum, and the dregs of society wait.

Spare a moment to enter the mind of a plagiarist on the social media and listen to him exult as he looks at a picture or a text and thinks: ‘Yes, I can. I can pick this up and pretend it is mine and then the world will think I am a winner!’ He is convinced that his act is not one of wrong-doing but of a gain that his mind perceives. Even a Natwarlal is completely enshrouded in the belief that what he is about to do is for a perceived gain and not necessarily aimed at harming or hurting someone. And so he mutters ‘Yes, I can’ and goes ahead and commits his crime. Or what we think is a crime.

I am no psychologist but something tells me that these three words aren’t really bothered about who they are hobnobbing with. It is in their company that all the good and all the bad always happen though they themselves never do a thing. A babu favours a company that offers bribe because he thinks he can. A politician threatens, bribes, or convinces to make teachers give up their jeans because he thinks he can. A TV anchor shouts down every voice of sanity because he thinks he can. A manager in an office fudges sales figures assuming that the loss could be compensated in the coming month and murmurs ‘Yes, I can’. So these three words and the mind are the two main characters that come together to enact all sorts of dramas – some get hailed as positive and constructive and others get labelled as malicious and damaging. Mortals are simply a face that these two protagonists successfully project every time. The face gets to be either the hero or the villain and must be wondering at the sheer unreasonableness of everything. But no one listens.

The most complex part in this relationship between ‘Yes, I can’ and the human mind is the sheer randomness of outcome. Look at the number of criminals who convert into model citizen and admit that the miracle happened because they were convinced that they could. Valmiki did it, didn’t he? On the other side are perfectly fine people who decide to kill, elope, have extra-marital affairs, or become paedophiles all because they think they can. So these three words are no guarantee of what to really expect. The other day I heard a PR executive tell a blogger, ‘I’ll send you the press release. Please copy the entire text and upload as a post. I need to send in details by evening. Hope you can do it.’ And the blogger replied, ‘Yes, I can!’

‘Yes, I can’ is the real stealth bomber, if you allow me this analogy… and when it gangs up with the mind, you can expect anything to happen. They could come together and create the most sublime smooch, hug, and kiss or the deadliest explosion that you can think of.


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ek gaon mein ek kisan raghu thatha! :P

It's been a week in Pune already!! :O
and believe it or not  - I have fallen in love with this city! <3
or maybe it is just another one of my defense mechanisms , protecting me from shocks. Whatever this is , it has aroused me enough, to write a post! So let me finish this before reality sinks in .
( Side note :

  Defense mechanisms are pretty intriguing . Do you know that I haven't cried a single tear drop yet? My friends think it is some kind of sacrilegious blasphemy from my  part. But hey! If pessimists argue that I have effectively ended one life , I argue back that I have just started a new one :) I do miss chennai . However , I am not going to go gaga over it. Okay I just did . )
I haven't had much chance to discover the city in its entirety yet. But , from whatever I have seen - it is fresh , green , pleasant and mindnumbingly beautiful :')

So here it is . The elusive list of things I have noticed about Pune and my new life in general :

1) I was never a nat…

Mayil will not be quiet!

Just a line - Mayil Should Not Be quiet!
Once upon a time , 1 year ago a girl called Mayil Ganesan got an amateurish diary and lucky us got a chance to peek inside it!!

Are you the cases who read TOO much of serious/violent and heavy books and want to have a light break? Are you a pre teen / teen / just above teen  or a human being who wants fun? Read ' Mayil will not be quiet' a contemporary , funny bookiary from Niveditha Subramaniam and Sowmya Rajendran!
If you are thinking what happened to Semi, talking about girly pinky books!
Point no. 1 Girls that too teenage girls have a very complicated heads which I feel is way more interesting than male heads!
Point no.2 The Book is not pinky , it is blue.....PEACOCK BLUE, I would have to say that the cover is funky and gethu!

Moving on to the story , the protagonist is Mayil a to be 13 teen girl , who faces all the problems she has to face in this age! There is Thamarai , her brother , who 'seems' adorable ( brothers always s…

Friendship Matters

Someone to live for, care for , to create words for ( like goyakamoya)  , write a blog for and wait for – ever. Someone to beat , meddle , abuse , fight and love , care , occasionally hug , use magic words on  because you can DO it . Unveiling something that is always there and laid bare open – Friendship and introducing the homo sapien who can bear it – the FRIEND!

I don’t want be funny because I always am ; I want to grow tall because I am so short ; I want some alone time because I am so full of friends! All these three hypothesis have been researched on =P and have proved to have turned into disasters! Sometimes controlling nature is just not possible.....I am destined to be tormented by all the love from these lovely creatures! OK start hating me now , but I have research and scientific data to prove that you will patch up within  3 days because :
*I am soo funny * I am semi *I have the goofy face to melt your heart
So yeah , I push it to my limits to offend you guys! Yet I am …