Friday, July 8, 2016


So a regular reader and friend asked me to write a piece on romantic relationships. A more specific one actually but my mind meandered to this. Purely fictional for intents and purposes. An artistic piece if you can call it that

To think that
the only real relationship I ever had
the one I never had.

Beat my chest in pride,
every time I did the courageous karate
in the name of romance 
with almost every other person 
except you. 

I could feel your patient gaze
silently sear through my back 
as I strutted around town. 
For you know for who I was  am.
A genuine hypocrite
Afraid of All. 

Of your gentle embrace wrapping me up
in the near future, 
actually play that reel in my head quite often.
Till I get giddy in fact. 
You are my handsome secret.

Of me having to confront you 
about these stupid feelings which engulf me
and make me powerless , 
you will never.
You rock at this waiting game
Not a level playing field actually.

Of you saying 'no', 
For Fate and Circumstances
spare no one. 

Of you saying 'yes' . 
For Fate and Circumstance
spare no one. 

I didn't want my epic romance 
to be tarnished by the all too real life,
Twas very pretty and pristine
So I never took the chance. 
Cautious for a change. 

There was no element of doubt
about our commitment , 
only time when unspoken words made
so much more meaning 
than the spoken ones. 

Our eyes duelled in anger 
each time we tried to dull our love
by truly moving on from each other, 
So we pretended to fall in love
with likeable people we never liked. 

I am thinking of you 
and you are thinking of me. 
Toxic flames and fumes 
made of our mutual feelings
paralyse me forever. 

I know it may sound sad
but it is real
And that is all that matters.

Give love a chance! 
What about true happiness? 
The lucky ones mutter under their breath. 

Passion would eat us alive , 
I don't want to live in the aftermath
So in this mental cove 
I am going to stay.


  1. "Toxic flames and fumes
    made of our mutual feelings
    paralyse me forever. "


  2. "Give love a chance!
    What about true happiness?
    The lucky ones mutter under their breath."


  3. Oh myy!! You shud publish a journal compiling all your writings semi!! And I want a copy of that!!!

    Immensely beautifully written...
    a genuine hypocrite... afraid of all!
    Am still reading... re reading it..

    1. Wow thank you so much :)
      Do I know you personally or are u a reader? I'll definitely mail u any updates :D

  4. The attraction was there but both seemed to fear commitment which may suit some not wanting to be tied down but who is playing with whom? Are they as bad as one another? Thank you for visiting my site Samyuktha.

  5. I think we need a made-up paramour... Maybe it's the safest bet, a risk to not be disappointed

  6. the first stanza is a hard hitting one :)

  7. A unique twist on relationship!

  8. I smiled at the "courageous karate" of engaging in relationships. I feel the same way but did not have those perfect words with which to say so. LOL. However, I am a fan of love, so hope the fictional protagonist finds the courage to speak up and take the chance.

  9. This is absolutely stunning in so many ways than one!!

  10. Sometimes the safest lovers are those in our minds....oh but I still believe in true love...took me 40 yrs to find it! Lovely poem!

  11. To dream is okay, ah but dreams have been know to come true.

    Much love...

  12. Brilliant writing! You're gifted :) I admire your talent :D

  13. It may be fictional but it's very convincing!


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