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5 things I want from India as a woman living here.

1)Stop getting raped. Like immediately please. 2)To be able to buy a smoke without having to address the shopkeeper’s eyeballs which are way outside his sockets. And to be able to smoke it, like the million guys puffing right next to me. * Not endorsing smoking as a habit in any way. It is a deadly menace. But if men can read disclaimers, why can’t we? * 3)To be able to enter TASMAC / liquor shops without any insinuations about my character thrown at me. 4)To be able to stand in the road and speak to my male friend without a police officer shooing us away because it is the ‘night’ time. We can control ourselves and it is clearly none of his problem either ways. And wear whatever makes me comfortable. 5)For people to realize that doing 2 , 3 ,4 is in NO ways related to 1.

I have been observing social media posts for a while now. While there seemed to be a consensus ‘innocent’ girls should never be raped , there seems to be an ambiguous g…

Finding Fan(ny)

Every one of us are fans of something or someone or the other. Admiring artistry and enjoying entertainment are few of the aspects which distinguishes us as human beings. That being said, all of us can’t be like Mr. Sudhir Kumar Chaudary whose only occupation is to be a fan or a  Mr. Gaurav Chandna who is a kind of person ( albeit fictional ) that most people call a ‘fanatic’. Very rarely do fans get to meet their icons. Most of the times , they meet their Rajinikanth only in their dreams and even those darned dreams don’t end successfully ( dreams are actually very richly symbolic. Always try googling your disturbing dreams. Trust me , there exist other interpretations apart from your garden variety id and sexual drive) . I once had a dream which involved me having a looong conversation with Mr.Rajinikanth and it was so realistic that it leaves me in unconditional joy to just think of them even today. Un/fortunately most people don’t have such awesome and vivid imagination and dream …

The seeker

I seek inspiration for writing is easy no more  thoughts ebb rather than flow instinctual illumination and enlightenment which once defined me  sounds like something from a bygone era. 
Words don't even exist  to sound stifled or stymied  everything feels mechanical excitement doesn't really tickle my heart when I think of blogging
I can hear wordpress whispering to me  that blogger is an un-updated relic ,  I can feel the crunch of not having enough content to be eligible for adsense  or enough drive  to submit to a blogadda 
References I make feel like the Dorne storyline from Game of Thrones - They just don't make sense. Everything I put pen to, sounds so unoriginal  or better put by somebody else. 
I used to sound light hearted even when i was trying not to be - much to my chagrin in fact , but now i sound like cranky ranter  venting her turmoil in public webspace  Basically I have become somebody ,  I used to laugh at. 
But yeah , things change.  For better or worse  …