Saturday, January 2, 2016

Forever Young

When is one truly grown up?
He said "When you're more than five feet tall"
She laughed at her seven year old cousin.
But it got her thinking.
When puberty hits?
Was biology even a factor?
Then she recalled all the adult shaped boys she had come across over the years ,
they thought a bit of facial hair signified maturity!
A guffaw should still make sense
however hot and deep it sounded.

Not like she felt very adultish herself.
She had the biological numbers
She did have her own place
and took her own decisions
had romantic interests.

Was self sufficiency the key?
There are quite a number of 'adults' who earned
but who didn't appear to be in control of anything.
Maybe it is all an appearance of self assurance.

Nobody knows what they are doing ~
Life keeps throwing curveballs at you
but you don't even know how to play baseball!
We are all just trying to walk on water
Never figuring life out
and pretending to be an 'adult'

Never appearing to lose control ,
I think losing your concept of what you are
and trying to explore who you are is the first mark of adulthood.
Not piling on premade store bought identities marked 'grown up'.

We all think an 'adult' is someone with a family , job and etcetera
but most of them are just kids who were thrown at the deep end of the pool
very fast
That they appear to be floating with head barely above water
and eventually learn to not sink
is not the slight bit endearing.

Why can't they be swimmers  who learn all the skills or
Maybe they wanna scuba dive or sail in sailboats
or maybe they wanna fly .
Who are we to decide who adults are?

To me an adult is a person who knows who he/she really is or has a clear vision of who they are going to become or who atleast admits they have no idea and is working towards it.
A person who makes their own strategy for life.
Till then we will be forever young
and confused.

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash


  1. Happy to read another post from you. I guess deep down everyone prefers to stay'forever young' and not grow up! Keep smiling and continue writing :)

    1. Thank you so much for the comment di! Means a lot :)

  2. Few phrases Gave me a smiling face. Loved it!

  3. You are right - lot of us get thrown into the deep end! The moot question is should one completely be grown up at all!!

  4. I hope we all can maintain a little childhood wonder - it makes the world somewhat sweeter..a fine poem indeed

  5. Great poem. I liked the analogy of being thrown in at the deep end. I think the child within is forever young.

  6. Lovely! Lately have been grappling with just such questions in a discussion group I'm in. :)

  7. It's true, inside we remain forever young. I like what you noted about young people being thrown in at the deep end, having to figure things out very fast. That is exactly true. Maturing is a long slow process through the first 40 years, I suspect.

    1. Lol so it's way slower than I thought then . Thank you for the comment :)


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