Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fairy Tales turned Nightmares

A guest post by the supremely talented Tanushree Nigam. Do check out her blog here

The world where Jasmine is forced to migrate as Aladdin has been bombed to shreds by Alibaba and his forty thieves.
The world where Hamlin lies in ruins because Snow White and Cinderella’s evil step mothers have been directing drones at innocent Pied piper’s, who are now swaying little children away by the sweeter-than-drones music of Jihad,
whilst Snow White and Cinderella are busy posting pouting selfies on Insta.
The world where the seven dwarves moved to the city because their forest has been long turned to fuel the factories which they now are employed in, factories run by Sauron, Dark Lord of Mordor.
The world where Rapunzel never fails to put on her red riding hood to cover her luscious locks, lest radical wolves devour her because she was ‘asking- for-it’.
The world where Beauty married the Beast disguised as a Prince, and continues in the abusive relationship to save her Sleeping Beautiful Aurora afflicted with sleep disorders due to substance addiction.
The world with a Narnia with witches rampant, lions extinct and the wardrobe under the stairs where the boy who barely lives, grew up too soon to believe in magic after the war took away both his parents.
The world where apples are poisonous, Hansel and Gretel are sodomized and murdered by cannibalistic humans not witches, where ducklings are objectified and called ugly on the basis of colour and the little mermaid perished in an oil spill.
The world with fairy tales turned nightmares.


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