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Imagine Mountains

What do mountains mean to me? At my lowest they are insurmountable challenges that I look up at , with more awestruck worry than inspired determination. Being a fretful diva , I tend to feel that these imaginary mountains are firmly embedded on my tired shoulders. I hate their stupid hairpin bends , which give my already motion sick tummies a valid reason to unburden themselves. I have a distinct memory of myself , a 7 year old shutting my eyes very tightly whilst hugging my dad’s lap as the auto went up the mountain. Like the tightness and resultant blindness has anything to do with my body’s capacity to deal with the stress of travel! Oh how I hate the mountains. Then I climbed a hill. By myself – 2 years back? Symbolism and travelling aside , they do have a plus. They have peaks! The exhilaration you get when you reach the top , the air feeling fresher than it was a couple of feets ago. The panaroma! Everything looks small from the top. It gives you perspective , humility – which I …

Fairy Tales turned Nightmares

A guest post by the supremely talented Tanushree Nigam. Do check out her blog here

The world where Jasmine is forced to migrate as Aladdin has been bombed to shreds by Alibaba and his forty thieves. The world where Hamlin lies in ruins because Snow White and Cinderella’s evil step mothers have been directing drones at innocent Pied piper’s, who are now swaying little children away by the sweeter-than-drones music of Jihad, whilst Snow White and Cinderella are busy posting pouting selfies on Insta. The world where the seven dwarves moved to the city because their forest has been long turned to fuel the factories which they now are employed in, factories run by Sauron, Dark Lord of Mordor. The world where Rapunzel never fails to put on her red riding hood to cover her luscious locks, lest radical wolves devour her because she was ‘asking- for-it’. The world where Beauty married the Beast disguised as a Prince, and continues in the abusive relationship to save her Sleeping Beautiful Aurora …

Forever Young

When is one truly grown up?
He said "When you're more than five feet tall"
She laughed at her seven year old cousin.
But it got her thinking.
When puberty hits?
Was biology even a factor?
Then she recalled all the adult shaped boys she had come across over the years ,
they thought a bit of facial hair signified maturity!
A guffaw should still make sense
however hot and deep it sounded.

Not like she felt very adultish herself.
She had the biological numbers
She did have her own place
and took her own decisions
had romantic interests.

Was self sufficiency the key?
There are quite a number of 'adults' who earned
but who didn't appear to be in control of anything.
Maybe it is all an appearance of self assurance.

Nobody knows what they are doing ~
Life keeps throwing curveballs at you
but you don't even know how to play baseball!
We are all just trying to walk on water
Never figuring life out
and pretending to be an 'adult'

Never appearing to lose con…