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The guilty hypocrite

When I renamed my blog , I promised myself that I would write only about topics which absolutely gripped me and mattered to me. Filling space is easy. But filling space is why I write exams. I want my words to matter here. It is not my intention to not write in this pretty blog but college life , examinations , holidays - basically life makes it tough to stay true to your other commitments.
And with that assurance of my bona fide intentions,  I begin with this post.

What do you do
When you wake up one day
And find out that
your entire life was a lie?
Not in a Paranoid Schizophrenia way
Oh no sir!
Something which is more subtle yet
equally life altering.

Every positive thought
Every negative one,
Which you may or may have not
admitted to yourself ,
About yourself -
Turns out to be

What do you do
When you wake up one day
And find out that
You are your worst nightmare?

You are everything
You asked others not to be .
In short . you never practised
but  screeched what you preached!

Do you let your new found hypocrisy
eat you up alive?
throw up all over the place?

Do you change your morals or your actions?
Or do you wait for this overwhelming wave
of hypocritical disgust which has hit you
to recede back with time
so that you continue to be yourself?

Hope that time will make you
forget this discomfiting discovery ,
so that you can 'move on'
with your self concept intact.

Answer me pliss ya .

- Semi 


  1. Parvathy TharamelMay 7, 2015 at 11:58 PM

    That's one of my worst fears! To wake up one day and realize that I'm acting in contradiction to my belief!!! However, at the end of the day I'm responsible for my actions. And I wouldn't have acted upon it until I had a slight feeling that's what I believe. In any which way, I personally feel realization is a good thing and it lays the foundation for improvement. After all there's scope for improvement everywhere! So I'll be happy that i realised before its too late and will work to practice what I preach!

    Thanks for the question Samyukta! Keep up the good work :)

  2. I'm currently stuck in the last part of your post, that of trying to " move on" with my self concept intact. Hope it works. Nevertheless, dissonance is always good and no one ever grew from being at ease with one's self. Hypocracy hopefully makes you loathe yourself and that should be motivation enough to be who you think you are.
    Really liked the way you put your thoughts out in this and the prose-poetry style of writing it.

  3. You're right.
    Especially what you said in the beginning. It's not about filling space. This was short but it was also very eye opening and frank.
    Very nice! :)

  4. That day hasnt come yet...
    But it definetly will...
    and when it does
    i will call u


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