Wednesday, May 13, 2015


 13th may 2015

Forgive me father , for I have sinned. I have always wanted to go to a church and make grand confessions to a calm priest. But that never seems to work out in my favour. So in this mini diary entry , I register my random private thoughts – which are not sins per se and fit more into the heading of confessions. I want the inevitable someone who peeps into this diary to know that I'm not high , embarrassed or drunk – right now at this moment at least.

1.       didn't learn Hindi not because of some big moral principle of solidarity for my state’s culture but because I was too lazy (still am) to learn a new language which didn't immediately affect my then near future . Although, necessity forced me to understand it somewhat eventually.


  I'm proud of being a ‘tomboy’ or the opposite of my general stereotype as a girl. And , that has led me to hide that I actually enjoy romantic movies much more than action ones.

 I'm ashamed of Surya as an actor nowadays. I fell in love with the guy who excelled in multiple offbeat yet catch roles. Either the star in him as eaten the actor completely or he has very bad taste in choosing his scripts. I just wish the old surya is back. I hate the post 2011 Surya. * That was tough to admit, even on paper* I still hope that his next movie will bring a turnaround. I have been waiting for 5 years now.

    I hate the Kolkata Knight Riders because of  a) Sharukh Khan b) their arrogance ( Cough cough Gambhir) and c) … because they are damn good as a team and the only serious threat to Chennai Super Kings overall.

I find it uncool to admit that I prefer Tamil music over English music. Harris Jayaraj any day . *sheepish grin*

   I don’t think I'm serious enough to be a lawyer. But I do know that I’ll get there eventually. If I start soon.

I’m a very self centered person and I really don’t listen when others talk about their life stories and that in turn makes me feel guilty because I impose my life story on everyone through this blog.

I can seriously can keep going. But sane enough to know that honesty is not often the best policy even in the seemingly safest places.

   I’m going to make this into a blogpost. 

 Final one - Nowadays , I enjoy Tv shows much more than books. And that is blasphemous in my world. So , forgive me lord for I have sinned.

So , in the spirit of confessions readers are requested to share some poignant truth about themselves :P can be pointless too. But an honest revelation!


  1. I hope that you don't get beaten up for #3. And....don't worry you'll definitely be a good lawyer!!!

    You need to be really strong and confident to write about yourself. Good going :)

  2. nt every anonymous comment is posted by the same person.
    just saying.

  3. what I wanted to say was. I hate KXIP myself. With a passion. I spent the last IPL finale cheering KkR on so hard simply because I hate KXIP with a burning passion. Because I hate preity zinta and her antics. And the fact that she's at every match praying that her team should win. I feel like she's ruining the sportive element of the sport. I want to throw a brick in her face every time I see it, except I realize that that would wreck our gorgeous huge flat screen TV and refrain from doing that. As for hindi, I'm just as guilty as you are. I am super lazy to learn the language, so much so that I tweeted an angry rant at tata sky accusing them of ruining my match watching experience by giving me Sony max instead of six because max only gets hindi commentary and I don't understand hindi. Then I realized that 140 characters was nowhere near enough to get all my anguish out about the situation and found tata sky in Facebook instead and messaged them. They replied and asked me for my subscriber details which I gave them. Then they apologized for my anguish and told me they'd get in touch with me shortly. That was over a week ago. I've heard nada since then and have resorted to my next best weapon, sarcasm. I asked them if by shortly they meant after the IPL was over. Still haven't heard back on that one. Haha. :P

    - Gayathri Ramanathan

  4. I'm also not able to comment... :( I knew everything already! No surprises for me!!:) and lol! U argued with me for like half an hour abt learning Hindi :(
    - emaya


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