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Flashes in a pan

"People who abruptly change the name of their blog and not follow it up with a post for a month ,
are people who don't find a place in heaven"                                                                                                                                               - some old scripture of some old religion  This has been the worst two months of blogging output , quality and feedback for me. I couldn't write , whatever I wrote was so bad that I had to delete it or forever revert to draft and my abrupt name change made a sharp decrease in page views. Yes , lack of pageviews affects me.
I I am still not in the best zone for writing , but any more procrastination will render my blog extinct - the possibility seems more real than ever this time.

< To all those who are surprised by the name change:-     .    It was done to keep the blog ‘fresh’ ( It is nearing 5 years now)     .   Semi’s Stories and Sharings…! was just sounding very juvenile and self-o…