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Hold on.

(A poem ,a song? I don't know , what I just wrote down. But , I wrote it with all my heart - at least the tiny broken piecesleft of it ) P.s - all pics taken from google only. 

Hey you! This moment ain’t permanent. Embrace it.
I know it ain’t a new gospel Or something. But it is true.
There will come an international relations paper Which gives you the feeling That you aced it. Embrace it. Because it ain’t permanent bro.

This moment when you Open your contracts question paper Well prepared with all the Expected questions of the Last 5 years. And life/god/nature/paper setter Decides to ask that 20 mark question Which has never been asked in the past 12 years.
Remember! This also ain’t permanent bro. Don’t embrace this godforsaken moment Try shrinking it away by Not giving it enough importance Don’t repress it though , You might get cancer. But that is because Everything causes cancer nowadays.

Please hold on to that moment When your lady love Walks down the aisle Clothed head to toe in white An…

An electrifying experience

I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.

It has been a long time since I wrote anything of substance in this space and I have myself to blame for not updating you’ll about the progress in my law life. Even when I do write , I hardly write on the central things of my life. So I’m dedicating this post to this barely mentioned aspect of my life. MY FIRST INTERNSHIP  Sometimes , it is very easy for some people to get disillusioned very easily. When you are studying a weirdly structured 5 year law course , it is very very easy to forget that you are indeed ‘studying’ to become a ‘lawyer’.   In my college , the semester in itself is a chilling carnival of laziness ( at least to ones like me) – what with only 3 hours of actual lectures a day and stuff-  Hence , it is the internship / holiday time when we make hay in sunshine. After blowing off the first semester holidays on grounds of ignorance and lethargy , I w…