Monday, September 15, 2014

My Mojojojo

A post to renew my mojo. 
A catchy song to capture the Indian youth :P 

A semi song production. 

Mojojojo Mojojojo
You want jalebi kya?
You’re the bun to my jam
Meredith to my yang
Sherlock to my Watson
Mojojo mojojo
You watch powerpuff girls kya?

Mojojojo Mojojojo
Teach me Hindi na
House to my Wilson
Sirius to my son
Brooke to my Peyton
Gilchrist to the great Mathew Hayden
Teach me Please dudeee.

Mojojojo Mojojojo
There is gravy on your shirt
Your eyes are red
You’re my bestie da
Arre please don’t do weed yaar

But Mojo jojo
Let’s first take a selfie :P


  1. For the eighth time, i am updating this comment.

    Hahaha! Thorough laughter through out!

    Good going gurl!!! :D


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