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Happy New year ! ? !

It is end of another year and here I am, like a clockwork mouse to publish my ‘end of the year post’. Only that, there won’t be a retrospective ‘2014’ post this time. My life is not so nicely structured anymore – college does that to you and seeing the year through my eyes will be too jumbled to be comprehensible for you.
But it IS the end of the year and old habits die hard. So I am going to write about ‘happy new year’ albeit a different one from what you’re thinking about. At least the one I think you’re thinking about :P ( and yes! I finally used albeit , maybe used it wrongly but love that word too much *nerd face* )
We are going to talk about HAPPY NEW YEAR , the Bollywood movie starring Sharukh Khan , Deepika Padukone and Abhishek Bachchan among many others. We are not going to do a detailed analysis of the plot , script etcetera because let’s face it – there isn't any. It is just a mishmash of English and Hindi gangster heist films which happens to be enacted by the most po…

Geography tests

I haven’t written in over a month and I sincerely apologize for that. To make up for this often committed mistake of not writing in SSS , I am going to confess to some of the (small) crimes I have committed in the past.
< Disclaimer: Personal Post coming up >
I know I should be writing about the increasing terrorist activity or the omnipresent rape fear, but I choose to overlook these topics (mostly because better writers have written awesome articles about them already) and am going to choose GEOGRAPHY TESTS instead.
Very Random Right? Well, expecting a sane topic from an insane person is well … insane.

Everyone has an Achilles heel , a special subject that they hate so much that they would rather burn in hell than study it for the test next day. Most people hate math , I also hate(d) math . But coming to think of it, I hated GEOGRAPHY the most. History was awesome;, math dumbfounding ; Biology insanely difficult ; BUT nothing was so irrationally hateable like innocuous looking…

Hold on.

(A poem ,a song? I don't know , what I just wrote down. But , I wrote it with all my heart - at least the tiny broken piecesleft of it ) P.s - all pics taken from google only. 

Hey you! This moment ain’t permanent. Embrace it.
I know it ain’t a new gospel Or something. But it is true.
There will come an international relations paper Which gives you the feeling That you aced it. Embrace it. Because it ain’t permanent bro.

This moment when you Open your contracts question paper Well prepared with all the Expected questions of the Last 5 years. And life/god/nature/paper setter Decides to ask that 20 mark question Which has never been asked in the past 12 years.
Remember! This also ain’t permanent bro. Don’t embrace this godforsaken moment Try shrinking it away by Not giving it enough importance Don’t repress it though , You might get cancer. But that is because Everything causes cancer nowadays.

Please hold on to that moment When your lady love Walks down the aisle Clothed head to toe in white An…

An electrifying experience

I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.

It has been a long time since I wrote anything of substance in this space and I have myself to blame for not updating you’ll about the progress in my law life. Even when I do write , I hardly write on the central things of my life. So I’m dedicating this post to this barely mentioned aspect of my life. MY FIRST INTERNSHIP  Sometimes , it is very easy for some people to get disillusioned very easily. When you are studying a weirdly structured 5 year law course , it is very very easy to forget that you are indeed ‘studying’ to become a ‘lawyer’.   In my college , the semester in itself is a chilling carnival of laziness ( at least to ones like me) – what with only 3 hours of actual lectures a day and stuff-  Hence , it is the internship / holiday time when we make hay in sunshine. After blowing off the first semester holidays on grounds of ignorance and lethargy , I w…

My Mojojojo

A post to renew my mojo. 
A catchy song to capture the Indian youth :P 

A semi song production. 

Mojojojo Mojojojo You want jalebi kya? You’re the bun to my jam Meredith to my yang Sherlock to my Watson Mojojo mojojo You watch powerpuff girls kya?
Mojojojo Mojojojo Teach me Hindi na House to my Wilson Sirius to my son Brooke to my Peyton Gilchrist to the great Mathew Hayden Teach me Please dudeee.
Mojojojo Mojojojo There is gravy on your shirt Your eyes are red Mojojojooooo You’re my bestie da So Arre please don’t do weed yaar
But Mojo jojo Let’s first take a selfie :P

After August 15th

We have all studied history at primary levels at least.

Oh no. You don't get to yawn and leave today. Today is the day I have decided to write - after 3 months- So , Please read me out . 
Everybody seems to hate history and me being an exception to this rule, hates the current state of affairs very much. So much, that I started questioning some haters why they hate the topic so much. One of the standard responses is that why should we care about something which happened so long back? England is not ruling us anymore and we're even beating them in cricket now :P
While I can go on an on about how past experiences are invaluable to current scenarios , how history tends to repeat itself and how the mere fact that the area I was born in or the wooden table I am using is so soaked in history that I often can't help but get intoxicated with the romanticism of it all or how there are so many different civilizations which had so much in common and difference , I am not going to.

Let's make Wishes outta Airplanes ~

If there was  ever a magazine on making mind-castles like the milk-woman , I would star in its cover with a huge pot of milk! If only there was a machine that would translate thought into action – I would use it to make more blog posts. Such lameness .. Much wow. I am too idealistic to live in this 21st century. I wanna chill in the 14th century with all the renaissance men of Rome. A world where thinking was a legit job. But then I would have to be a man to express my thoughts and lets face it .Sexistly speaking , a man’s mind is too boring. I wanna be a woman of the 21st century chilling in the summer of England  living amidst  an intellectual atmosphere of 14th century with my iPad and selfie manufacturing cell phones.  *fake sighs dramatically* What has Pune done to me? :/ If you didn't get the obvious hint already. This gonna be a disjointed rambling with a risky disregard for grammar and love for randomness.” Oh no , not again!” you might scream. But you see , I hardly post…

Daddy's lil girl

It was a breezy sunny evening , one of the better days of pleasant weather in Chennai. The dad and daughter combo slowly embarked on their healthy journey  towards Elliotts beach , also popularly known as Bessie beach. 

Preethi was not pleased with her dad, pushing her successfully to walk with him. He had won another battle , like he always did with her. She had thankfully inherited her mother's petite frame - one which would make a yoga trainer proud- yet she still gave her dad company. For among other things , he was an ideal candidate for replacing yo mama as the heavy icon and had the potential to make the yoga trainers very rich.  While she was brooding about her dad's obesity , he was wondering how to broach the subject of her marriage. He built up his courage and asked , " Can you please do me a favor , dear? "  She had had enough , " I cannot jog for you pa , because that is impossible"  "I know that dear. That's why I didn't ask you. But …

We could have it all.

Sometimes when your immediate environment gets entangled in a certain mood , the said mood tends to stick on to you. In this case, the death of a close relative of my friend caused the effect and set my mental wheels into motion. The following points are my abstract thoughts on 'loss'. There is no context for this loss - it can be something as innocuous as losing your favorite toy or something as devastating as losing your limbs. I have presented my thoughts to you in the raw form as it came to me . No explanation ; open to interpretation :) 
1. When you lose something , it hits you . Most often like an epilepsy attack Ugly , painful and most importantly  SUDDEN.  2. It is most important to acknowledge a loss  when you're down and out.  However more vital it is for you to  appraise loss, from a position of  strength - that so occasionally enraptures you and gives you space to lock up your unresolved emotions-. 3. We actually never lose anything . People - good and bad - be…

Chocolates AND strawberries

You all must know that there are two types of people traversing the earth. First, are the cool ones who love chocolate and second are the lame ones who love strawberries. And I hope you are intelligent enough to guess which type of person I am B|- Chocolate of course . Every individual has a love story. More importantly and specifically – Every individual has a love story of how they fell for chocolate  or strawberry  We gift each other chocolates for birthdays – not fancy strawberries . Some may have strawberry flavored chocolate. But since the name chocolate is involved – chocolate rocks. This is how I sounded for a long time . And then one day I tasted strawberries accidentally – it was love at first sight. Okay , what is she SAYING? For those who didn’t get it already , “I am using a metaphor to convey a larger social message” Those who don’t know what a metaphor means please  leave  google it. Okay  I’ll cut the know- it- all attitude. Owning some blogspace can do that to you . M…