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Internet Anonymous

Status quo has changed.

I've shifted to Pune , Maharashtra for my college studies :)

and have switched over to the dark side. I have given up my soul completely to social networking and instant messaging. Tweets and statuses have invaded my brain and I crave for likes and not views now.

Yes I am a social addict.

(disclaimer : Purely fictional work. Any resemblance to actual events PURELY coincidental :p)
It all started innocuously enough - when i was in fifth grade - seven years back.My dad bought a computer. Road rash seemed like the coolest game ever. You could ride a bike and hey! you could beat up the guy too :D That motivates a child.

Then we had email id's and yahoo! messenger . Sending random voice clips and animated emoticons seemed like the coolest thing that could happen to you. I still remember my friend p calling me so that I could come 'online' and chat with her. ( and we thought phone calls would be replaced by chat didn't we?)
Then came Hi5 - the more beautiful version of facebook WITH games. Yet , it failed to catch on like orkut ( maybe because it was too fancy). Believe me when i say that orkut was considered very dangerous and none of us kids used to use it.
Then came FACEBOOK. I think i was in eight grade then . I used to have decent attention spans , read an enviable amount of books , never worry about likes ... no I really can't remember life without facebook or my life after facebook :P
It is so dominating ( like an old grandmother) that newer forms of networking like google plus don't feel 'right'. Twitter is cool and quite informative ( and gossipy) but never quite as addicting as the eff bee monster.
No , not for one second i hate what I do but yet the realisation that I am wasting precious time consumes my already broken spirit. I do know that I play less , read less and care less yet I post it as my status.
I know I have no redemption. Even if you remove the dhoni-dada , modi -rahul , vegan and non vegan and other pointless pop corn munching debates from the site , I will continue to use it.
I will poke you , add you and block you but never have an original 'convo' with you. I'm too bored for that. I am generation y
Gtg , ttyl


  1. Continuing to read your blog with great interest and curiosity regardless of whether I agree or not - I'm not a facebook fan, haven't played a video game - I have applied Caladryl on the the only Road Rash I know.
    But I also see that new places and happenings make me sit and watch Lord of the Rings on my computer [now Hobbit Desolation of Smaug blogs] - so I empathize - in my own way, I guess...
    Waiting for how Semi walks the ILS Road to ... life and purpose and the great beyond.

    1. Haha akka :)
      nice to know that you read everything i scribble :P
      yeah im waiting for that too!


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