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Ore the comedy pah! :P

First of all , it feels GREAT to write in this draftboard again ^_^
........and there was a mini break of 6 hours due to 2 ipl matches. This has been the story of my poor blog for a few months now. Board preparations , board itself (40 days *yawns*)  and now ipl , clat preparations ( soon to be started :P ) and the overwhelming urges to read a book , go party or  watch a movie.
.....and there again. I got distracted by facebook and its insane amount of memes. 

Second of all, I would really thank all the readers who were patient for these few months and for increasing my page views even when there were no new posts :P I love you guys :* I shall dedicate my upcoming 50,000 views to you all. 
And now time to pen up. Forgive me if i'm a bit scratchy for this is my first post in months. 

Board examinations are always a pain , that too especially if they extend over 40 days for 5 exams. So on April ninth, two thousand and thirteen when the cursed exams did get over , I felt that the world was my cricket ball ( because football is too mainstream) and decided to goto this 'comedy film' called settai. The thing which quirked me was the synopsis - The remake of the 'A' certified Delhi Belly which has been made into a 'clean' family entertainer and has managed to get a 'U' certificate. The director was also quiet proud when he said it. So BELIEVING him I took my whole family plus two people to the movie.

Two puked pop corns and countless crass jokes later I had to face my annoyed family sheepishly . Although my brother did love it! ( well , he starts laughing if you say S**t)  My problem with the movie wasn't that it had innumerable unfunny yet disgusting 'jokes' or that it didn't have even a wafer thin plot  but that it got an U certificate. What were the makers thinking when they thought they could remake this into a family friendly affair?

Oh god . In the pursuit of writing something , I am just becoming one of innumerable  rant-about-my-life bloggers. So no more negative energy. Instead, I am going tell you about movies which are funny and have some story and 'acting' ( the only person who acted in this movie was the comedy super star) in it.
Why this move towards indigenous regional movies you might ask. Well the answer is :
a) I love them
b) If review raja is proud of my culture , it is time that I am .
c) Tamil cinema does have a flourishing heritage of comedy actors and films.

So here is my second 'trendistan' list. Tamil comedy movies which you shouldn't miss ( which are at least better investments of your time and money than settai)

3. Boss (a) Baskaran - Almost the exact cast as settai but 100000000 times  funnier. For a change , Arya acted and Santhanam was at his epicest . The story is about Baskar aka boss , a good for nothing wastrel who still hasn't even passed his twelfth examinations and falls in love with his sister in law's sister - who is an english teacher! Boss is insulted by his whole family when he expresses his wish to marry her and is out there to prove a point. Watch him run a tutorial successfully and sort out the messes which occur after that. The movie was hilarious for only one reason: santhanam! He comes as Arya's barber friend who signs the collateral for the hero's loan. The movie has made some phrases like 'nanbenda' ( friend dude :P )  and 'vida muyarchi  vishwaroopa vetri' (persistent hard work , monumental victory) popular. Don't miss one of the funniest films to have come out of the tamil industry in recent times.

2.Michael Madana kamarajan - Everyone knows kamal as an experimental actor who keeps pushing boundaries. Another thing everyone knows about him is that there is always some humor element in his films. So much so that , people have criticized his magnum opus 'dasavatharam' (where he plays 10 roles) for treating such heavy content too lightly. While  his recent movies like 'Panchatantiram' 'pammal k sambandham' 'vasool raja MBBS' are more popular for being funny , his most hilarious film (according to me ) is mmkr. Released at a time when double action itself was difficult , he pulled off 4 roles with elan.
The story is about quadruplets who get separated at birth. One is raised by his father himself as an adopted son and is a stylish multimillionaire with a giant like bodyguard (bheem boy) and the catch phrase ' catch my point' He is Madan. Michael is brought up by a thief and is hired to kill madan. Next is Raju , who is our hilarious 'low class' firefighter who romances khushboo and becomes Madan's best friend. Finally we have our tam brahm - Kamu who is a cook , who marries 'thiruputasundari' and is roped in to impersonate madhan. The climax on the wooden house up the mountain is one of the best endings I've watched in my life/

Don't miss this one!

1.Thillu Mullu - What can top a Kamal comedy film? A Rajini one of course! xD ( that too with a kamal cameo in the end!) This film directed by the great  Balachander makes you laugh every time you watch it. It has been remade in hindi by the name 'Bol Bachchan' which has crossed 100 crores. Still people rightly argue that the original was 5486431 times better. Rajini plays the role of 'ayyampettai arivudainambi kaliyaperumal chandran' who is a rebel by nature but acts all innocent to woo his very conservative and patriotic boss ( acted stunningly be thengai srinivasan) Now what happens when chandran falls in love with his boss's daughter?  He loses his mustache and becomes his twin brother Indran of course ;)  Don't you miss this marathon of comic escapades , lies and situations .

Special mention :
Vadivelu in winner - ever heard of the word one man army? Vadivelu's role basically uplifted a common masala film into a super hit entertainer . 
Now there we go , I've written a post. Hope I shell out more int the future and I promise you better quality next time around. Till then keep yourselves entertained with these movies xD

Know what else is hilarious?
Gordon Ramsay memes ------> Here.

Semi :)


  1. What about Vasool Raja MBBS and Panchathantiram? They're rib ticklers!! xD Make me LOL every single time.. Sad that you missed out on them. I personally felt Boss Engira Baskaran was a little lame.

    1. hi thanks for commenting :)
      They're epic films. But mmkr is less known and my personal favorite :)
      also i did mention their names within the 2nd heading :P
      and boss is one of the funnier films from recent times :D


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