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Taking the Next Step

I have been trying to broach this subject for the past 21 days now. All previous attempts have seen me run back to the very wide and warm arms of my iPad (yes not the subtlest way to put across that I am an iPad owner now :P , but hey subtlety is at a  far distance from being called my forte) .  Deviations aside , no other two words fill me with more venomous hatred and vehement opposition than the word 'grow up' .  a) I love the way I am  b) I don't want to take up responsibilities of any kind c) I have been pretty much been in the same height for the past 2-4 years -_-
But sometimes life forces us in ways we would've never predicted and even people with names like 'semi' are asked to become full. So in this blogpost i am gonna tentatively try face my own demons through an imaginary 'conversation with god' or some supernatural force above / beyond us which makes us sort our problems. Or a shrink would do i guess .  Something like this post - one of my…