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GoodReads 2012

Everyone is obsessed about something. In my case , it is a pretty Loong list - Kamal Haasan , Surya , movies , cricket and last but not at all the least ...BOOKS. Throw anything at me I read it ^_^ (ie if it has any visual stimuli to apprehend :P ) Also , I am a bit compulsive about recording , organizing and reviewing every book I read. And what better place to do it than   where they do all the organizing for you , give a platform to review and discuss the books , interact with authors ( I got a chance to video chat with Jeff Kinney  - of Wimpy kid fame!!) Also at the beginning of every year, you get to make a resolution - of x many books you want to read , and keep track of it!
Ok that was a totally random advertisement I did . Goodreads doesn't need any advertising -_- Just spreading the awareness to those who have been living under a rock / preparing for their boards :P 
And the thing about this year's reading challenge is that I am almost close…

Existential Anxiety

Its true.
I have not blogged in a 'while'
and that while has been one big blue whale of a time :P

Its true .
I have exams all the time now.
Yet I spend more time on facebook
than i do to annoy the life outta my brother.

Its true.
This can never qualify to be a poem ,
it has no rhyme scheme
or a complex theme .

Yet its true
that my blog has become a mere vegetable ,
a fruitful retrospection
to be pickled from the upcoming disaster of time.

Disclaimer - Views totally attributed to harmful effects of psychology.

okay :P I went a bit overboard there. Please be a bit kind upon me as I'm a bit scratchy, as its been a while. Yet I'm back, as the itch to write is intolerable. In the past many months , I did try writing. But the problem is/was, I really didn't know what to write about.
Everyone runs out of juice and one simply can't be creative when they are being sapped out regularly of their life through examinations. No , don't worry . I won't crib about exam…