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Love Story : Part 5

Act 1  - Dinky's Black innova . On the way to Mahabs .

This must be what running away feels like mused Kaushik Seetharaman. Not that he had never run away before . Every worthy childhood must contain a failed attempt to runaway. Also , the dreadful five years without Dinky , all alone in Switzerland was what he would recall as running away. Going incognito to cool off your loved one maybe mistaken as cowardice , but cow (everybody called him that now) knew that it was true love that ignites the fire called sacrifice , which helped him withstand the separation. Thinking more than was required , ie , Overthinking was his forte. While it helped in intellectual pursuits , it certainly hurt when done for emotional issues.

Why all of a sudden the word 'cow' seemed to resemble 'coward' he couldn't fathom . A painful memory from the past shot past his head. "Cow for coward" hooted his so called loved one. Such instances still warranted a rush of red to his fa…

Quoting the truth

"Whatever happens , life must go on"  There are a million quotes decorating all the languages. Yet i choose this one to start my post ; this is a very special post for me , and i am saying this before even writing it .Developing the 'seventh sense*' i guess. Firstly , the quote is awesome  because it is quite simply the truth. And truth is what this post is gonna be all about. Also , (forgive my awestruck -ness  ) This line was delivered by 'daddy' surya to son surya in vaarnam aayiram :P Surya surya everywhere <3 [ Maattrraann is releasing this friday , don't miss it! ]

* - hope the surya fans go the 7am arivu reference xD

Moving on to the actual topic , I am going to talk about this book i picked a while back ; which happened to change my life or atleast how i look at thinks quite remarkably. ( please don't sigh already) It is the " Life of Mahatma Gandhi " by Louis Fischer  - wohoo! I think Gandhi is the first Indian name which auto c…

And we blog and blog and blog!

After a rather romantic surprise early last month stoopid semi went off to hibernate -_- It is perfectly alright to think so beCAUSEE ------------------------------- It is the truth :P However you should empathize or at least sympathize with her plight. She was working her socks off , for her first terms exams , which doesn't matter in anyway to the boards.
But her question is this. Why should the boards matter? Many of you may feel that that the answer is quite simple  . Board exams = marks = good college = good job = good life. Too simple , too easy. Call me a non conformist or for that matter, a communist , For what difference does that actually make to you?  But what I feel is this :
"Education is about learning for your intrinsic needs , which in the process satisfy your extrinsic ones "  Oh I do sound like a thinker :P
What we study should actually interest and make sense to us and let us apply it in daily life. And it should satisfy our desire to understand what …