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Love Story : Part 4

For all of you not familiar with first three parts of the love story series ( which must be everyone) ,Don't worry! . A 'Part' is more like an episode and the author prematurely gave up on the story , for she had her heart elsewhere. This time around cow and dinky are not gonna run away again ( i.e from my mind) or so I hope.
And don't worry this part will encompass the other ones and even it doesn't it won't alter the flow much. 

(The part 1 starts with a juvenile bunch of overgrown girls writing a testimonial , so that they can share the blame if their friend found out their sinister agenda. The agenda being the elusive search for an ideal boyfriend ,  and the target being 'Dinky' , their gang leader. The second part gives a detailed character sketch of  Dinky the protagonist and how she snubs a school teacher ( she is the correspondent of the school) , who also happens to be her ex boy friend from her mysterious childhood .

The third part sees Dinky longing for a break from her tedious work , She decides to fire cow , the science HOD / her ex bf and to everybody's surprise runs away with him for a vacation. )

            Scene 1
Location - Bessie beach , The quite left part with lesser number of shops.

It has been a month since anybody heard anything about Dinky. Surely the sudden disappearance of the correspondent of one of the most prestigious educational institutions in India , is bound to be picked up by the media. However , strangely enough , everybody who would be concerned with Dinky's disappearance were done in with a personal email stating their goals for the upcoming terms and a change in the management.
"Even her lawyer has been informed of her vanishing act , but us" moaned the never whiny goodo ( whose name was pronounced "goo" like "boo" and do like "dough" . Yes , she did have a problem with her nickname (or pseudonym as she likes to call it ) being mispronounced. )
Sheila , popular for her tantrums and an hour glass figure , was in a fix. Poor girl , didn't know if she should be worried for her friend's safety or be  happy that she had taken a much needed holiday or  be petty about being the one who had to pay the ice cream bill nowadays. So she remained quite throughout the conversation. 'Rather be dumb the biological way  , than the psychological way' was her philosophy.
Jappy who hardly got angry , found the need to voice it today. "Goodo . I think you are over dramatizing things. If Dinky wants a holiday , she can take one . Who are we to decide her schedule?"
 "Stupid jappy! I have no desire to manage her schedule! It is a very hectic task . I am angry because she had the time to call up her staff , lawyer , heck her whole entourage! But she didn't have the courtesy to even text us!"
"She didn't call them ... only e-mailed them" countered jappy very unconvincingly .
"sheesh! I  just don't understand your overwhelming urge to defend her"
"No goodo , i don't understand YOUR urge to yell at her. Maybe she didn't want to tell us. We may have persuaded her not to give up so easily"
"We would have asked her to takes us along with her" giggled Sheila .
Then it struck goodo. Maybe they were the reason dinky needed a break. Always overbearing , "we may have hugged her long enough to strangle her" she thought. However , she refrained from voicing her thoughts to the duo. They would unnecessarily become over guilty and decide to track her down and apologise. Which defeats the whole purpose of poor Dinky's retreat she thought.
"Or maybe she just didn't want us to know where she was going " she said meekly.
" Exactly our point " exclaimed the other two in unison. Maybe goodo was under a lot of stress too! They whispered nonchalantly while she was lost in her thoughts.

Scene 2
Location - Ibaco ( New name for Arun ice creams ;/)

Brightened up by her own joke and the fact that jappy was paying the bill today , Sheila became her talkative self. Temporarily forgetting Dinky , the girls started discussing about the million other things they discuss normally. After a couple of hours ...

".....Talking of guys with bad spectacles , what in the world happened to our friend ,Cow?" inquired sheila.
"Oh you didn't know? He was fired the day Dinky left" grinned goodo , who never liked cow that much .
"Must be a devdas now , being fired by his only love. They were right when they said , playing with love was like playing with fire" . Jappy was amused with her own quip and started laughing.
"ei , Jappy. What Jappy? " :D Singsonged goodo , who was high after four scoops of rum and raisin ice cream :D
" How was Dinky even in love with cow?" asked sheila. She had joined the gang when she was in eleventh grade.Time when Dinky and cow were more acquainted with throwing things at each other. The gang strictly never spoke about relationships during their meet ups , but in the absence of their queeen bee their minds wavered.
"Oh you didn't know , did you?  Dinky and cow were close since the time they were in 2nd grade"
"You mean from when they were 7?? " asked sheila incredulously.
" Oh you silly. They were only friends back then . Jappy and I were best friends back then weren't we? :D But not Dinky. She used to be such a loner"
"Only ever found time for cow " agreed Jappy.
"Gahh. What a poor thing she used to be! We never knew that she was the founder's daughter. Else we would have paid her more attention. Only a few years back did we know that she was such a big shot"
" We got to know Dinky properly in sixth when we were in the same section. She used to bring the yummiest lunches and didn't know what to do with 'em , poor thing " mocked jappy
"That cow idiot also never used to touch her lunch. That is where we came in :) Cow and her used to be so inseparable! She even proclaimed to the whole class that she was gonna marry him , if she ever did marry! The guts of a sixth standard child can't be surpassed! " exclaimed goodo.
"It sure can gooo. A eleventh standard girl breaking a guy's head with a slice bottle is all the more darring" slurred sheila with a wink .
"Haha that sure was thrilling! But why again did she break HIS head? "
"Too much of anything is too bad , jappy. Dinky was over possessive of cow. As if any girl would be interested in him!"
"But you must admit that he has grown to become a hot young thing" sighed jappy.
"Puberty" added sheila prophetically " can work two ways. Take neville in Hp for an example..and harry himself :/!"
"La la . You are flying away from the point as usual! Thinking about it ,dinky has got quite a number of issues running in her head. Physically assaulting someone is sure not normal."
Jappy getting protective as usual . " Bbut .. bbut she was under so much stress. What with the debating , editing for the newspaper , sports day , exams and cow always behind her"
"It still is not normal" goodo stated it in her usual decisive way. Which implied " I will not change my view , even if the facts change" in her language.
Jappy and sheila sighed heavily. dinky's psyche was really none of their problem.

However, it was a huge problem to the young lad who was under house arrest in Dinky's Mahabalipuram Bungalow.

Will be continued

A Semi creation :) 


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