Sunday, August 19, 2012

Block and Tackle

For the most of our lives , we force ourselves to some goal . So much so that we drive ourselves mad and end up quitting and consider a life of a priesthood. You can't blame us though , for the likes of nityananda and baba ramdev seem to prosper with fame and money due to people's ignorance . So i have taken the other path , not the rat race nor the path for quitters. Instead , I just don't do anything. I try not to think about the task I have to perform , I try hard to ignore.
I try having fun elsewhere, tucking the task to the fringes of my consciousness. Like pressing one's head deep within water , so hard that some opposing force will push it back. Only problem is you need to make sure that you don't drown or choke yourself with all the enthusiasm. What I am trying to blabber is this , by consciously trying NOT to blog , I have gained the thirst to write more than ever. Our minds are like that of an adamant child suffering from oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) . Do the complete opposite to the instructions given. Break the rules , breed the rebel , etc etc. And it seems to be working quite well!
This time I wanna talk about contradictions. We teenagers thrive on it , don't we?
When I first stumbled upon blogger , I met with an empty 'about me' column . Without even thinking for a second I filled it up as "Hey this is semi. And contradictions is the word defining me". I didn't know why I filled it up. the more I think of it , the more sense it makes now.Only when i was reading this other blog called 'shh diaries' (which i find to be a very gutsy and cool blog) and seeing the blogger's profile , i realized that everyone of us are filled with contradictions! :O Call me dumb or use 'You don't say' on me! But it was only then that i realized that every one of us are riddled with contradictions.
The blogger there , Shruti described herself as
"Not yet another teenager calling herself to be full of contradictions " 
or something like that. Her latest description is also hilarious :D
"Bullshittery is a way of life here."

Coming back to contradictions! Our lives are riddled with them. Every coin has a flip side pa ;  The toughest conflicts are between two undesirable decisions we have to take ( or avoidance avoidance conflicts ) says my ever trustable psychology textbook. Eg. don't go to the dentist or have tooth decay , Don't eat junk food or become fat or something like that.
For that matter , every issue has right and wrongs. It is usually our inclination to one particular stand or our fervor to one ideology which overshadows the other. Lets take one of the oldest topics , where both sides fight vehemently for their cause. Veg vs Non Veg. Basically vegetarians are of two types : Who don't eat animals because they genuinely love them or because their culture demands them to do so ( and they have never really tasted meat) The non vegetarians are basically humans who really like what they are eating and find no qualms about what they are eating as long as it is tasty.
so simply putting it . There are a few factors like taste , culture and love for animals . Whichever dominates or finds more importance in the individual's value/moral system it will play out as his attitude , action and behaviour towards a situation. This is a simple fact which many of us can't see. I actually know a friend , who loves animals like dogs and other pets , yet being a non vegetarian from birth her taste buds makes her eat chicken and turkey . This is a classic contradiction and we cannot really say that she is wrong or right .
Why cannot we judge a person who are true to their contradictions?
I just had to put this up :*
It is simply because they are being themselves and acting according to their set of ideologies. How can you question their ethics with your set of ethics? it is like correcting a history paper with a science key. All this , you must understand is applicable , only if it doesn't hurt some other individual and their possessions. We can not say Dexter is right in killing people , just because it is okay to follow your  ideals. He is taking another Human's life  , whether that man deserve to live or not is another matter altogether.
After reading what I have written till now , I find a major contradiction which you might have missed. Being a NV myself , I do not mind a hen being killed , even if she is good or bad . But I just cannot accept that an individual ,whether good or evil , can deserve to be killed. This is because I do place more value to a man's life than a hen's . How many of you can really ready to accept this IF you feel so?
I find humans astonishing . Really. Before studying the history of world wars , we surely  expect some big reason to be the cause for all the calamity. Alas! It is because of this slight distortion. This inability to accept that 'hell! WE ARE DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER.  Everyone has a life with their own right and wrongs , which i admit must fit into some sort of general  framework right and wrongs, but No! Our egos say we are ultimately doing the right thing.
And every side fights for what it thinks is right.
 grow up! You cannot blame anybody, Not even your ego . the poor thing is trying to defend yourself and your decisions by calling it the best. Doesn't mean it is just to make your decision making easier.

What I am trying to convey is  :

  • Stop trying to judge someone's actions  when you don't even know them. Give them the space , so that you get their moral code to decipher their actions. Eg. People who don't get sarcasm think the other person intends to be rude . 
  • Don't go around boasting how your decisions are the best. 
  • Maybe I am confusing enough to be the next spiritual leader!! :D 
  • All the wars which were ever fought and will be fought are pointless.   

War does not determine who is right... only who is left

Samyuktha (semi) Jayaprakash 

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