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Block and Tackle

For the most of our lives , we force ourselves to some goal . So much so that we drive ourselves mad and end up quitting and consider a life of a priesthood. You can't blame us though , for the likes of nityananda and baba ramdev seem to prosper with fame and money due to people's ignorance . So i have taken the other path , not the rat race nor the path for quitters. Instead , I just don't do anything. I try not to think about the task I have to perform , I try hard to ignore.
I try having fun elsewhere, tucking the task to the fringes of my consciousness. Like pressing one's head deep within water , so hard that some opposing force will push it back. Only problem is you need to make sure that you don't drown or choke yourself with all the enthusiasm. What I am trying to blabber is this , by consciously trying NOT to blog , I have gained the thirst to write more than ever. Our minds are like that of an adamant child suffering from oppositional defiant disorder (OD…