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Yours Specially

"Get this straight first. They are called special children because they make YOU feel special" And how true it turned out to be =') Never in the 16 years of my life have I felt this welcome. Just proved that you do NOT need a welcome mat , the costly and cozy things or even politeness (the quintessential host 'etiquette' ) to make a  person feel more at home. All you need is some love , which would permeate in to your surroundings like a pepper started sneezing bout , however bad your habitat may look extrinsically.

The thing which annoys people like me , who were blessed enough to meet these children , is the large
scale amount of stigma and ignorance looming around them , the thing which proudly goes around with its ballooned chest swelling with ridiculous rumors  and  a very long nose poking into every person's private life , which goes about the all important name 'society'. I really want to meet those 'four people' , one has to be consta…

Stressbusters! ~

Yes...I am late again. But just learnt there is no such thing as time. It is a relative thing =] and just for your information, although studying psychology is cool and all it has some repercussions on your mental health. It makes you think too much. And we all know too much of anything is never good.

Maybe I found an exception! Too much of fun is surely never bad! :@ And following the Freudian theory of regression ( yes , we have cool words too B) ) it is found that Individuals who find it difficult to deal with a certain developmental stage REGRESS backwards to their earlier stage. To make it simple: - exhausted overworked professionals giving it all up and becoming fun loving :D

Although , I am not exactly under a pressure cooker here , I can see many others feeling the heat already and surely there are many little wonders out there who take life too seriously. I have this aunt who actually has no problems in life and so obsesses over the kuttiest of things like me calling her boring…