Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An accident on the highway

self constructed accidents? :P
Open the newspaper and you find tiny paragraphs reporting tonnes of accidents. So many of them that , they would give these matrimonial ads a run for their money.While the latter's content clearly shows how dumb people can still be :- "Wanted. Fair , tall -5'6 ft , good looking high caste bhramin girl. Sub caste no bar with good family values. For mechanical engineer boy earning high salary. Divorced once. Kids with ex wife." Surely gross stereotyping wouldn't get you a bride -_- and seriously yeah when would men get some REAL qualities. Ahem coming right back to the topic at hand - the latter reports show the dumber in fact, the dumbest side of human nature.
I am gonna tell you 3 stories , tell me if you can find the correlation.

15 Aug 2010
In the dawn of  an another independence day for India and the opposite for me ( my brother was born on the same day =P ) Mr.Vembu and his wife were travelling in their ancient yet still regal white ambassador. They were returning from a truly wonderful trip to back home. The word wonderful found a place in that sentence because Mr.Vembu aged close to fifty had finally finished building his dream 'mansion' or 'palace'.- for that was the magnanimity of his dream and its successful implementation. Everything about that man was big scale i remember - right from his frame , voice to dreams and his sheer generosity. His life was settled in pretty much every way , both his 'kids' were already married and he could anytime expect grandchildren to toddle with. He was stupid enough to travel on a highway.

2nd January 2011
Mr.Malayappan and his wife were making their first and last trip to their son's place in Bangalore over car. First time because his son had compelled them to make the trip with his children and wife. And last time because yay! the son was planning to shift back to chennai and re build their ancestral house , settle here and well be with them!! They were much happier than they would care to admit and their grand kids ankitha and drithi were angels from heaven gifted to them =)  Both uncle and aunty always kept their house 'spick and span' clean and were so disciplined and kind that they would suit the 'nice headmaster' role in a movie if they acted :P
They were foolish enough to travel through the highway.

4th June 2012
Mr.Raman was pleased with himself more than ever. After years of  temporary employment , he had finally started an enterprise of his own , He had gone to coimbatore to recruit some staff and gained 3 lakhs there. Life couldn't be better than this he thought. He called his wife Indra , to inform her that he would be there by lunch and asked her to make some for him. Always a staunch believer of kabalishwarar , he gave out a small prayer for go to keep him as content as this always.
He was dumb enough to drive on a highway.

If you geniuses haven' read the title or the last line of the paras already ,here it is - all the people happened to be riding on a car through the highway and either lost their life or miraculously escaped death by a few inches. Vembu uncle's driver was sleepy enough to launch his ambassador into a stationary bus. While uncle immediately lost his life in a painful way , aunt had to survive multiple fractures , neck surgeries and a bout of coma and come out alive. To this day , her memories of the accident are nil as she was sleeping when the car hit and lost conscious shortly after that. We had to inform her about her husband's death only months later as we were scared that she wouldn't survive the shock.
In the second case , when my uncle was driving in the 'middle' of the highway a drunken driven car coming at a pace of 130 kph lost control and flew in the air like superman and landed on his car. Both his parents lost their lives and he lost their parents.
Something like that
More recently , just about a week back my cousin Anish studying in 7th standard lost his father because the driver of the opposing car decided he was too thirsty for whiskey and some risk and  decided to overtake a lorry in his drunken stupor , only to crash into a poor man's car. Both the driver's family of four , Anish's dad and his friend 27 year old died in this horrific incident.
All this may mean nothing to you , just another news report or worse. But how long or how much will it cost before we realize that reckless and drunken driving will lead to nothing more than tragedy and destruction? Every time you are having a shot and driving on the road you are putting yourself and more importantly a lot of other INNOCENT people at risk.
Not to sound like a life insurance agent , but just for a second imagine your mom/dad or your loved ones being killed out there? Is it worth it?
You worry about your health ; we worry about others!
If dying out of tuberculosis or child birth is sad in this century , dying of accidents is like the saddest of this millennium. From now on when you read the news let 'an accident on the highway' be regarded as 'the accident on the highway' as life cannot be sucked out for the sheer amount of statistics.
Engaeyum Eppothum was a very moving tale trying to cover the story of lives behind an accident.  Does anyone know any other movie like that ( of the same genre? ) If so please share in the comments column.
Sorry for those readers who were looking for humor as usual from me - mocking the dead is not cool.

P.S - My uncle's friend just lost his life after being in coma for 12 days. Cause of death : He slipped and fell from a bus.

P.S.S - it may look as if it is me alone who is losing people due to accidents. But if you inquire in your family/friend's circle , you will be sure to find at least 1 death in the past  2 years. I am not even joking ,the death count is increasing by the minute.  So spread the A.W.A.R.E.N.E.S.S and most of all follow it yourself. 


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