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Maybe I should publish/delete this :P

(For the previous post which led to this : Too weird to live , too rare  to die B) )
Maybe I should write a post after all.  I really do not get all this hype about 12th standard at all. Peer pressure forces me to shriek 'I am in twelfth' occasionally .But damn it , I really haven't got that feeling yet. So what is the hype all about? I don't even know! Is it about it being the last year in school or is it about the board exam/ mark / future part of it. Maybe it is both. Maybe it is not.  Maybe it's an out and out fictional garb created by the PARENTS , so that they can cover their anxieties about our future with 'ours'.  Maybe I'm too thick skinned since I am a humanities student. Yes , I am a humanities student <3  Maybe I am using too many maybe's .  I am gonna reveal an open secret to every young reader out there. Never trust the elders when they say it gets easier. The biggest misconception lying around the corner is that 'work hard in tenth an…

An accident on the highway

Open the newspaper and you find tiny paragraphs reporting tonnes of accidents. So many of them that , they would give these matrimonial ads a run for their money.While the latter's content clearly shows how dumb people can still be :- "Wanted. Fair , tall -5'6 ft , good looking high caste bhramin girl. Sub caste no bar with good family values. For mechanical engineer boy earning high salary. Divorced once. Kids with ex wife." Surely gross stereotyping wouldn't get you a bride -_- and seriously yeah when would men get some REAL qualities. Ahem coming right back to the topic at hand - the latter reports show the dumber in fact, the dumbest side of human nature.
I am gonna tell you 3 stories , tell me if you can find the correlation.

15 Aug 2010
In the dawn of  an another independence day for India and the opposite for me ( my brother was born on the same day =P ) Mr.Vembu and his wife were travelling in their ancient yet still regal white ambassador. They were ret…