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Whatsup this summer?

Ok , lets get down to the business. I have been trying to write one line for the past 3 hours and now only realized that opening a tab doesn't finish the job. Well it usually almost does , but no work can be done when there is a FACEBOOK tab also opened. Now I could ramble on about how it spoils our lives and a) lose some readers
b) not get the work done.
For even mocking Facebook is a waste of time.  ( don't mistake me I  use facebook daily on an average of 9.6 hours #respect)  So whatsup with me?  Summer holidays are ending in a couple of days , although the summer will remain for a month more at least. It is so hot here that the second you stop pouring water on yourself , you start sweating. Then why would a person with a sound mind stay here? Simple , the heat made me mad. However, madder are those who travel all the way to chennai for their summer. Yeah, sue me tourism board of Chennai! (if there is one)  I simply cannot continue talking about this heat  a) it makes the room …

Stupid Superstitions

Forgive that more than obvious alliteration of a title :P If the title is NOT obvious to you , well this particular post will try help you understand - hopefully. Well , every one of us has some sort of stupid superstition or the other to keep us going on during our bad days. However, a problem arises when they endanger others , when they are too irrational or tough to achieve and when they finally move away from their cause - to complete an activity and instead hinder the goal itself.
Some of the curious ones:

Wearing the right pad before the left  - Sachin Tendulkar and almost every player after him ( because of him of course B) ) 

Holding paper clips in your palm while delivering a speech - 'the senator guy' aka Ralph Fiennes ( Mr.voldy for the HP fans) in the film maid in manahattan 

'Lucky bat' to score runs in . In fact , the 'magic bat' as if the bat contains the talent and not the player. It was the story of chain kulii ki main kulii

The most hilarious one…